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  1. If it isn't attachments, you may have actually chosen an option of logging out in your preferences that have you logging out in a much lower time slot if inactive, and as that would probably start as you log in, it's timing you out too fast. Go to Ctrl P before logging in, and check the General Tab Then look for away time out, it has a drop down, you can choose never, it may have been moved to two minutes or something. Fingers crossed. xoxSasyxox
  2. I used to do it that way and it is such a waste of time, and you lose some money along the way. Sell your lindens through LL and when they are converted into USD leave them there, LL will take from your USD balance before charging your credit card, so then all that is coming from your CC is the outstanding amount...I wish I had known about this way the first 6 months, I was selling, sending to paypal and then to my bank in Aus and then paying into my CC for them to take it back.
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