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  1. I do a lot of things in SL including building prefabs, gadgets and toys as well as webcam entertaining. What does that have to do with this conversation. Thanks for proving my point about why you are posting to these threads.
  2. LL not want to profit? That makes no sense - it's a business after all. I've come to the conclusion that you merely come on these threats to stir the pot and to see yourself type. They really need to install mute or ignore buttons on these forums.
  3. Cherry, it's great that you are making money in SL, but that isn't part of the service Linden Lab is offering. It isn't their responsibility to support your business. They have made no promise to do that and have no obligation to do it no matter how much you have paid them in the past. It would be the same as someone selling handmade items at a farmer's market made from materials bought from a particular producer. That producer has no obligation to sell anything to you regardless of how much money you make from it. If said producer would like to keep profiting from my purchasing of their product they will be sure to produce a product of quality. Same thing goes for LL.
  4. The time and money you spend on entertainment is an expense, not an investment. Linden Lab is not a bank. You don't earn dividends or interest on the money you pay them for their services. No, I do not earn dividends but what I do earn is a very substantial living out of SL. I just filed my taxes and I made a mere 2000 USD less in SL than I did at my full time real world job as a veterinary technician. So yes, I take extreme issue with LL messing with my ability to make the living I do. This is not entertainment to me, it's how I eat and pay my mortgage every month.
  5. As customers, your satisfaction and input is critical to the success of Second Life. Seems to me the community has spoke up dozens of time and yet LL hasn't listened. Please quit blowing smoke up our pixellated rears. LL will always do what it wants whether the community wants it or not.
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