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  1. I'm attempting to animate a prim by swapping sculpt maps on it. I use Maya to create my sculpts, and my problem is that when I swap out the sculpts I've made, they're not all centered the way I need them, and so they're offset strangely. How can I adjust the center points in Maya? Or if I can't in Maya, then what other program could I use?
  2. Is there a function to check whether or not an avatar is age verified?
  3. Have you already looked on the wiki? I found a few there, they're not all very detailed, but they should be enough to get you started if you already have experience with Maya. Considering Maya's price, I'm assuming you're either a student, or otherwise know pretty well how it works already. The biggest problem for me so far was just getting the necessary skeleton for making avatars. You can get it HERE. (Right click it and Save Link As, the name doesn't matter so long as it ends with ".dae". You can thank Gaia Clary for providing that link. :matte-motes-tongue:) then import it in Maya.
  4. Very neat idea! Hopefully there will be an easier way in the future, but wow. Love it!
  5. For reasons I've never been able to understand, skeletons imported from the .dae format in Maya end up displaying with incredibly tiny joints. This includes those that where exported from Maya to .dae, and then imported back in. I have yet to figure out how to fix this. The small joints makes selection difficult, as they're often as small as single pixel until zoomed in very, very, very close. They completely ignore Maya's own settings for joint display size. It was the opposite for me, they were extremely large, and just looked like a great big blob. It may have only been because I had just freshly installed Maya 2012 on a new computer though, and thus hadn't yet adjusted the display settings yet.
  6. Thanks a lot. It looked weird at first, but after adjusting a few settings it's great. Thanks. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  7. I've looked all over the wiki and can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help?
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