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  1. From one socially awkward SL'er to another, there's a lot of things you can do in Second Life that don't involve roleplay. Photography in Second Life is a great hobby, you can even turn it into a business (shooting ads, profile photos, photo contests, etc for L$). Another is to try your hand at building things. Building lets you decide how much you want to challenge yourself. If you enjoy making things out of Lego, you'll enjoy building in Second Life. The builder community is also a really nice and helpful group of people, imo.
  2. To friends & family I call SL a "game" because that's the easiest way to explain it. I've used the word "game" in SL only to be told angrily, "It's not a game, it's a virtual world." I don't understand why this distinction is so important to some people. Why is it more reassuring to believe you are spending a lot of time in a "virtual world" as opposed to spending a lot of time in a "game?" It reminds me of little boys who get angry when you call their toys "dolls" instead of "action figures."
  3. I picked a name thats short, uncommon and sounds cute. It's a name found in Korea, China, Japan (Airi), Finland, Lappland, Ireland, Estonia, so it's kind of ethnically ambiguous and international. "Panthar" sounded best from the list of surnames that was generated. I had never heard of Gorean before joining SL so I was totally unaware the surname "Panthar" would have connotations of wild, half naked, man hating warrior babes living in the jungle. But that's cool, too lol.
  4. You can tell child avatars by the way they type in stupid baby talk. They all sound like they are 3-year-olds no matter what age their character is supposed to be. Being short, skinny or having a flat chest does not mean you're a kid. PS: Children including fake ones should be banned from the internet.
  5. When you go to wear something in your hand from your inventory, select "Add" instead of "Wear" this will let you use multiple items on the same attachment point.
  6. SL ate a linked prim earlier today of a bed I built. SL ate my pillow! The funny thing is, it still shows up in the prim count of the object. I wonder if it is a related bug.
  7. I would not involve customer service/tech support in this in any case, because I think it would only slow things down. A polite notecard to the seller always has cleared up failed deliveries for me. Imagine if every time some noob doesn't receive his freenis from the Marketplace they go bother Linden Lab about it. :matte-motes-sarcasm: As for IM's vs notecards, I check my email about once a month so that wouldn't work for me, and most businesspeople in SL seem to prefer notecards from what I've seen. I think the main issue here is that a lot of people don't know how the Marketplace works and
  8. You shouldn't use the review section of a Marketplace listing to leave a 1-star review to complain about items that didn't get delivered. I see this all over SL Marketplace and I had it in my own store too. This is abusive behavior. People will surf the Marketplace, see that an item has a 1-star review and decide the product is crap. You should only review things after you receive them! It is frustrating to not receive your item, but 99.9% of the time it is a delivery malfunction, it's not like the seller is deliberately trying to rip you off. You have every right to be frustrated, but that is
  9. I have seen people selling HUDs that allow one to rez things on no-rez lands, maybe the thieves used that. I can't see any legitimate use for an item like that. I hope they fix the loophole quickly. :matte-motes-stress:
  10. Sorry you got ripped off but those hairs look way too nice for someone to be selling them FP for only 250L$ each, it doesn't look even remotely legit.
  11. Marketplace is good, think of this: what if you sell 95% PG-rated items but your physical store is in a M-rated sim? Then without a Marketplace shop you miss out on business from people who cannot get to an M sim because they aren't old enough or just aren't age verified. Also, a lot of new builders & designers cannot afford to rent a full size physical shop yet or simply don't have enough products to fill a shop space. The Marketplace allows to build up a customer base and earn some money so they can expand in-world. They get experience with customers and feedback on their products withou
  12. I used this to choose names for various things including SL: http://www.behindthename.com/ You can search by nationality and by keywords in meaning, etc.
  13. Mother Goose's upstairs shop is all young looking guys, with Caucasian and East Asian faces. They are good skins for guys who don't want to look like professional wrestlers. Other than that I'm not sure, I don't dress as a male too often. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  14. The featured items can sometimes be low rated because it's just sellers paying to have their item featured. The rating has nothing to do whether something is featured or not. If something has 5 stars it has a lot of positive reviews and no or very few negative ones. So I always look at ratings and reviews, not featured status.
  15. This weird stuff happened when i crashed
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