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  1. DISCLAIMER! This comment pertains to TeamViewer software ... for those of you not familiar with it, TeamViewer is a remote access product, it is not an SL viewer and has nothing to do with SL or Linden Labs. However, a lot of people use it so I'm sure they will be interested to fix this compatability problem. THE SOLUTION : disable the "quick connect" feature in TeamViewer. QuickConnect is the feature that puts a "<=>" button on all your windows so that you can share them easily. If you never use this feature then you can just disable it entirely. Or you can disable it just f
  2. Eureka! I've been having same problem with SL Viewer 2.7 ... it would not launch, would crash before even displaying "detecting hardware" message. Shutting down TeamViewer fixed the problem. This occurs on both Windows 7 and also Vista. Normally I use Phoenix and that was unaffected, but that is not built on viewer2 code base. Firestorm doesn't seem to be affected either. I can confirm that the problem started with SL viewer version 2.7.1 , versions up to and including 2.6.9 are compatible with TeamViewer. Note that this is an issue even if you are not in a remote connection over Te
  3. @rodvic LOL, it's good to know that the new CEO puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Or I should say, since this is SL, the new CEO puts his pants on both legs at once, just like the rest of us!
  4. I hope this show won't be anything like the "Life 2.0" documentary, those of you who have seen that will know what I mean. It was aired at the SLCC convention last year. That film was not flattering to SL. Has anyone seen a preview of "When Strangers Click" ? Be prepared for disappointment, documentary film-makers tend to play up the negative, controversial aspects of their topic. I haven't seen his film "FOOD, inc." but am looking at the trailer now and I can see that Robert Kenner is a propagandist, so don't expect a fair and balanced portrayal of SL from this director. Sorry
  5. Hey Rod ... I think it's about time for you to break radio silence now. I'm a big fan of SL and not too disturbed about how LL is managed, but even I'm beginning to wonder why we haven't heard from you in almost 2 weeks. A blog entry every couple of days would be reassuring!
  6. Perhaps we need to form an SL Chamber of Commerce, similar to real world Cof C ?
  7. Here here! Great post Agent, you really lay it all out clearly. I'm not a mesh developer but everything I've heard about mesh is that it will be a win-win situation for everyone. Content creators, game players, and Linden Lab will all benefit. I think I need to learn to use blender 2.54 !!
  8. Welcome aboard Rod! Get ready for the roller-coaster ride that is SL (oh wait, the roller coster was in "Theme Park" game ... back in the ancient days of the 90's ! )
  9. I didn't read all the comments here, because there are so many of them. One complaint is that Linden Lab should have sold AU to a third party. Isn't it possible that they DID try to sell it, but there was no buyer? Or possibly that Linden Lab was the buyer of last resort (i.e. no one else was interested in it). I don't know if you noticed, but there is a major recession still underway, and services that rely entirely upon advertising for revenue, like AU, are not likely to be swept up in a frenzied bidding war by wildly optimisitic investors who grossly overvalue them.
  10. bucky: You said it better than I could, I agree with you whole-heartedly !
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