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  1. addign Hosts and DJs to the list of people to hire! PS: we need more perfomers!!
  2. The Mermaid Retreat We are hiring! What are we looking for? - Well we are a new little retreat, and we are looking for staff to keep guests entertained! As we are located on an adult-sim I'm sure you udnerstand that you need to be 18+( as well as 3 months or longer in SL). We are looking for: Performers, Officers, Security, and Managers. What do we offer? - For our Staff we offer tipjars at the retreat for your payment, all you need to do is, make sure everyone feels welcome at the retreat. Do you have to be a mermaid? - No! Feel free to be whatever, whoever you want! H
  3. I roported someone who has not delivered a product i bought. So i decided to create an abuserport, because he didn't answer on questions, others had the same problems... etc... Now i got 1 mail that Linden will take a look at it.. great... but is there a chance to get the money back ( transactionhistory etc ) or to get the item from the SL team... or to just get in touch with them so I can ask them somehow myself? I tryed to create a ticket but i wasn't sure wich topic i should choose, since it's an account issue but the cathegorys aren't the best ones to choose from
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