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  1. I am sick and tired of all take and no give from Linden Labs. This is one premium account member that is fed up with the support I get from them, the quality of the stuff they put out (i.e: their viewers), and the changes they've made inworld to date ~ many of my scripts/products I've purchased, don't work anymore. Take a look around Mr. Linden - THERE IS TONS OF :LAND FOR SALE THROUGHOUT SECOND LIFE! WHY IS THAT DO YOU THINK? Because people are leaving Second Life by leaps and bounds. This will be my last year as a paying premium account holder if you force me to use your second rate pie
  2. Okay gosh... I feel like I'm almost there. BUT, if I sell Linden Dollars... do they go to my USD account balance and then if I wanted to withdraw those funds, then an additional step would need to be made? Otherwise, would they just sit there and my monthly tier could be deducted from those funds?
  3. Ok ... no, that didn't answer my question... sorry. (( I know where to go to "sell" lindens. After I've done that, what next? Where does the money go???? Refering to my original question: Does the money go into my USD account and therefore would be utiized to pay my monthly tier fees for mainland property I own?
  4. If I want to sell Linden Dollars, where does this money go? Does it go into my US Dollars account and could that be used to pay my monthly tier instead of my credit card being charged ~ OR, <rephrased> If there's USD funds in my account, would the tier payment be taken from there instead of my credit card charged? ALSO, let's say that maybe I wanted to withdraw some of the USD in my account... how would I go about that? I'm obviously unfamiliar with selling Linden Dollars so "where does the money go" would be a likely first answer I am looking for. Thanks!
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