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  1. Technically speaking, Hikaru, your friend violated Linden Labs TOS that he agreed to when he first logged into the main grid of Second Life. He forfeited his right to his account and the items on it when he violated them. The Lindens have never reactivated or returned an account that they closed that violated their TOS that I've ever seen and I've had a few friends unjustly lose their accounts, even when they were paying monthly fees. I'd suggest when the grids do finally merge that he makes a new account and start over rather than fighting for a lost cause.
  2. This should be interesting. I can't wait to see what Rod does with Linden Labs. I hope he starts with a nice dusting and cleaning, followed by fixing things up to work like a business whose interested in actually serving its customers. Just don't make SL into the sims online. Welcome, and good luck.
  3. This is going to cripple me because of the instant cash out being taken away. When I needed money for medical, grocery or other life expenses, Xstreet was the only way I managed my bills on time. I can't predict how much L$ I'll have at any given time and thusly I can't 'schedule' around week-long transfer times, Lindens. Please do something about this. I'd be happy to use the lindex if only it didn't take me a week to get to paypal and then to my bank account. PLEASE!
  4. I welcome the teens to Second Life's main grid as it presents us with another generation of creators and customers to thicken the already existant userbase of SL. With that said, I'd SURE like to know what LL is going to do to protect the creators of the main grid who have long been copybotted to the teen grid. I've seen pictures and kids talk about how many full permission, copybotted avatars and items from makers on the main grid are all over the teen grid. Once they merge, are those full permissioned, copybotted items going to still be part of their inventory? Are we going to have to co
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