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  1. I just saw the Linden Labs announcement on Twitter. I hope everyone gets their dream place. I'd love to come and explore the new sims once people are settled 😍
  2. So I was being somewhat ironic but lo and behold I landed this. I did go back to the chalet demo sim yesterday but as the Linden Gods were obviously in cahoots with Santa getting me my dream house I am sticking. Have made a start and off now to buy planters and flowers 😍
  3. I think the chalets/werkhauses look great. I am now, or will be, in a quandary when they are released as I landed a Traditional today that ticked most of my wish list and I doubt I will be this lucky twice ☺️
  4. I possibly have the exact opposite problem to some? I had a super houseboat which I abandoned yesterday after a year and a half because I really fancied having a nice little house with a garden, somewhere I could plant flowers and be more cheerful in these challenging times. So I thought maybe a Victorian, there was one available right away, but for my tastes the house was too big. So I decided traditional. The very first I got had ocean on two sides which was incredible but the land was all sand. I wanted to love it, I even spent 2k on market place on tropical planting and decorated it, but I just couldn't love it. There were plentiful new options after I abandoned that, I tried a stilt on land, a log home and another traditional which didn't grab me, though the houses did. I'm on my last chance today, just abandoned a stilt on water and about to give up a traditional which yet again has sand. I'm not even that close to the beach! I'm not fussy, all I want is a traditional on a private lot under a mountain next to lake or on a cliff at the sea side, with grass. Thank you πŸ˜ƒ x Hugs to all!
  5. I think it is this one by Doux https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DOUX-Lee-hairstyle-DEMO/13302202
  6. Hi, the hair is called Magic by Ivanka Akina https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/IA-Magic-hair-no21-DEMO-24-tones-in-one-hairstyle/1462089
  7. The bra at least is Blueberry Icon https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Icon-Lingerie-Set-DEMO/13859084
  8. Hi, it is called Shawna by Ploom https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ploom-Shawna-Demo/7014994
  9. lol Erm .. as far as I know they only work within a very limited range. I actually saw one for sale on the MP a few days ago and was interested enough to read the reviews. At least one of the purchasers had got banned from the parcel they used it in by the parcel owner but was laughing so much they didn't care. I think most users are aware of it enough to be able to excuse it, if you pardon the pun :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Thay haven't accessed anything of yours so your account integrity is in tact. if it happens again take note of who is within local chat range, it will be one of those people doing it.
  10. There are HUDS that can be bought that will locate an avatar within a certain area and make them 'expel'. It's quite juvenile, quite funny if you're with friends and they know it may happen, but to someone unsuspecting maybe not quite so funny. But the sound huds to also have notices attached I dont know anything about, someone else will know more :-)
  11. Hi Muletta :-) I have no experience here either but am learning a huge amount too. Managed to get my body to fit a mesh dress today lol thanks to someone's help on sliders :-) It is a wonderful resource, so I'll join you in thanking the talented individuals who give up their time to help :-) x
  12. Do you think that the promotion on the destination guide of places that advertise such acts could promote someone to transition to commit the act in RL?
  13. I joined Sl in 2008 about a year after my partner passed away, I had forgotten how to socialise and never went out anywhere and SL was a transition in my recovery to talk to others. I met so many friends here that I stayed to talk to them ,and also I LOVE the art sims and exploring what others create. I took a step to play a social game in Sl and made it to the top rank and have a group of wonderful people to spend time with chatting in that game. I've had the joy of meeting so many lovely and kind people that I am glad I took the steps to join and decision to stay :-)
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