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  1. Yes, I see now. I had to process the credit (which came from the L$ I sold) to PayPal after that. It turned out that this was eplained in the SL wiki, but I just didn't fully understand the process of it. I though I had done a direct transfer before so I was confused. Thanks for the help! Everything should be in order now.
  2. Hi there. So, I have a problem as you can see. About week ago I sold some L$ for an exchange. The proceeds were supposed to go directly into my bank account. I did not use Paypal for this process. The problem is that about 30 minutes before I did this, I had updated my billing information. After I had already soldthe L$ I check my Account History and Summary and I saw that my card was still going through the process of "update pending." I was surprised as normally it takes just a few minutes for the update. Then I saw that the L$ I sold was no longer in my account. This worried me so I checked my bank account and so far saw nothing from the transaction I just did. I decided to wait a few days to see if it would update and the money would go through, but here I am. I called Billing Support and the person said I didn't to submit a ticket about this (I don't see why since they are the billing team....) I apologize in advance if this issue has been covered and answered before. I'm not so savy with the forums and I couldn't figure out how to search through the threads.I did also check the knowledge base and unless I missed something, it doesn't mention anything about my problem other than I need billing information to buy and sell L$. So, I've submitted the ticket. Just today I attempted to update the billing info again and within a couple minutes the "update pending" vanished and my information was there. So, why question is how do you think I can go about fixing this situation so that I don't lose the money? Any advice may be helpful. I'll continuously check on the status of things, though I don't expect much of a speedy response from LL on my ticket, so any help you forum goers can provide would be great. Thanks in advance!
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