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  1. I vote for focusing all resources on making the v2+ viewer the best it can be. Backporting features to v1 is a waste and just needlessly burns resources.
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    Admin Menu

    Not sure whay you're suggesting actually needs to be resolved. I can turn the Admin and Develop menus on and off on the Preferences/Advanced tab. It just works for me. Also Ctrl+Alt+D still works.
  3. Great news! I'll keep an eye out for it, I have several friends that want to check it out. Just the same we all had great fun with everything else, the whole area was very well done. I think a weekly snowball fight is in order . Those are the best snowball throwers ever.
  4. The winterfest area is great fun. Why is it running for such a short period? I tried finding the Maze again today and it apparently was removed? It's too bad, it was very cool, and so many residents are just finding out about it. I think better promotion was needed.
  5. Double Click Teleport is very cool. Another way to toggle it is to enable both the Advanced and Develop menus. Under Develop/UI you can toggle both Double Click Teleport and Double Click Auto-Pilot on and off. Once you have the hidden menus turned on it's a bit easier to access these features than using Debug Settings.
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