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  1. Electric Dance Club (E.D.C.) heat up the grid daily with fresh entertainment. Djs spin styles from EDC, Electro, HipHop, Dubstep, Top40s, Trance, Rock, Industrial, House, and hardstyle. Hosts are engage with very few gestures focusing on the guest to join the parties. Dancers bring the magic and temptation to the stage with those bodies that just make your jaw drop. 

    Looking to find that perfect place to work in Second Life. Check out Electric Dance Club. Feel the place for yourself and see if it is just what you have been missing. 

    We look forward to meeting you. 

    Applications and schedule available in the club at:

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinbru Estate/192/111/25



  2. Higher Order is now taking applications for Host/ess and DJ positions. All positions are 100% tips. Experience is preferred by not required. None experienced must be at least 30 days old or have a firm understanding of the platform that is Second Life from an older avatar account. The location also serves as a development and training ground for Live Mix University. Staff members will have the option to work with Live Mix University if they so choose. Club location is on a mature region of mainland. Agent limit is based on Linden Labs settings of 44 avatars to the region. The club will be voice active 24/7 with the only exceptions for any special guest live singer performance. This is not a strip club but a dance club for hangout, showcase your talent, learn, mentor others, and build lasting relationships. This is the place to be who you are without judgement. Critical feedback and aid in development is welcome however disruptive "bullying", "hackling", ect will not be tolerated. Grand Opening date set for 9-11-19. 

    Host/ess positions:

    -- No gestures - You must be able to interact via talking (mic) or text with guests

    -- Just like and real life club, voice is active at all times in the club.

    -- Personal hosts to a DJ are allowed. See personal host application. 


    -- Personal stream required (SHX Shoutcast/Icecast board in use) 

    -- Just like and real life club, voice is active at all times in the club.

    -- Genre limitation: No Rap or Heavy Metal. 

    -- In the future genre specific days will be work out

    -- personal host are welcome through application of a personal host. 

    Higher Order SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/212/146/2602

    Higher Order Owner: Hɨʍαţα Iηđιgσ - Eℓℓsʍєrє (takushima resident)  --- please send completed applications to owner. 

    Application response time: 24 hours or less. Applications are located inside the club on your right. 

    Higher Order Club logo.jpg

  3. Newly added: Digitool. 

    DJs, Live Performers. Hosts, Dancers or anyone working in 
    Second Life Entertainment. This is a must check out from 
    Gabryel da Silva (Gabryel Nyoki) owner or Digitool. 
    This is a real change in SL Entertainment!
    video link:
    Product available at:
    Digitool store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/153/65/2001

  4. The Job Source location also offers Daffy's  Gadgetmania, Alicia Stella Design, I-Tech 3D Design, Voodoo, Smartbots, Seshkat, Triple Labs, Subscriber Kiosk: Mailing list Management Systems, TheSecondFarm, and Subcribeomatic. Visitor will also find a monthly $500L free to enter raffle, created by Alicia Stella Design and sponsored by Job Source,  which pays out to one winner at 7pm PST/SLT on the first day of each month. 

  5. One of the most amazing things of Second Life is the communities that may be just in world or fade the line to real life as well. Everyone wants a place to belong, to meet friends with similar interests, find support, find that partner or even life long soulmate. Second Life Communities make this a little easier. With the newly expanded area of Job Source a section has been set aside for serous groups or network postings about these communities. If you are a founder or even involved in a group and would like to get the community groups name seen. Please contact Gleanr Ellsmere in world from more details on this completely free way of reaching residents. 

    Location Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/184/48/2002

  6. Starting out a business in Second Life is not without challenges. There are several questions to consider: Location, Inworld and/or marketplace presence, even finding the right price for the product or service you are offering. With all that to consider an offer like this should not be taken lightly. Job Source has recently made it's second wave expedition. I am looking for individuals who are interested in getting into Second Life Entertainment and Supply markets. Currently, looking for people with a passion for providing new tools, support, and services in the Second Life Club and Entertainment side of the grid. So here is the offer: A location with clear visibility to a stead growing base of clients seeking work or providing work for residents in Second Life.  To begin, I would like to help get one or two creators in the DJ drop/intro and/or club intro creation market. Plans to come of other businesses at this location: Photography studio, Custom Apparel creation, Stream provider, and more. If this grabs your interest please contact me, Gleanr Ellsmere in world to discuss farther. 

    Resource: 15,000 square meter mainland parcel area for combined business owners usage.

    SLURL:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/183/47/2002JobSourceLogo.thumb.png.e87cc8294c608d361f6c623fd1c75233.png

  7. With any place and seemingly endless number of locations looking for residents who want to work in Second Life, job stores can be a great way for residents and business owners to connect. Right now the newly re-opened Job Source offers employers a low cost advertising in a location dedicated to connecting job seeking residents to employers. As I have had almost 9 years in the Second Life Club business of ownership, DJing, Mentoring, and Managing there has been one staggering truth. The endless number of locations seeking staff are so vast that job seekers are easily lost in even where to begin. Certainly, some residents need help or even time getting used to how to act and interact or even move in Second Life. However, everyone is looking for a place to belong and have a purpose to why they are here. 

    To see what Job Source has to offer visit us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dudintsev/215/11/2002


  8. After 8 years of DJ in Second Life and 20 years over all, I will say this. DJing, in weather it be a broadcast into virtual environment or to a crowd in of flesh and bone people there are just a few important things to remember.

    1. A Dj is an artist who performs by putting together other artists creations presenting a unique style on a performance. 

    2. Never expect, demand, beg, or care on about tips and/or pay. Be genuine.

    3. A real DJ is a student of music and performance. He or she never stops learning and developing the ultimate skill of and entertainment presentation. 

    4. Anyone can dj with the simplest of setups but to standout you have to learn what it means to be a performer.

    5. The moment you stop enjoying Djing is the moment you need to STOP!


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  9. Sound Check Night Club
    Looking for a relaxed friendly place?
    Positions available: DJ & Hosts
    * 100% tips * 2 year old club * 1900 VIPS
    * no rap, country, or political music
    * Times available from 8am to 8pm
    * 1 set a week plus fill in coverage sets available.
    Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muhongo/207/214/1104

    With over 8200 clubs in Second Life at any given time your choices are seemly endless for a place to fit in or have an SL job in the club life. Sound Check offers residents an enviroment of safety and friendship. The staff reachs back over six years together on the grid and developing a family without the Mom, Dad, kids and so on persona. Most importent is the relationships and friendships we build over our years and experience on the grid. Though words alone can paint a picture it is your personal feeling and impressin which matter. No one wants to be in a place they don't enjoy. So here is your challenge, experience Sound Check Night Club as a guest, talk with the owners and staff, and develop your own opinion. Join us Monday through Saturday with set times ranging from 8am to 10pm. Than ask your self, am I ready to be a part of a group of friends or do I keep looking?

  10. SoundCheck_trans_1024_512.png

                            Now Open Six Days Aweek!

                                    (only closed Tuesday)

                            1100+ VIPs

    Sound Check Night Club brings together friends and groups from all over the grid.

    We welcome all avatar appearances with the exception of child avatars and over-sized avatars. Yes, this means furies, human, steampunk, Tinys and more.


    • At Sound Check Night Club you will be treated to some of the best hand picked, up and coming DJs providing you with music ranging from the top40, New Age rocking Blues, Rock, Alt. Rock, EDM, Electronic, House, creative commons and much more.


    • Be on prepared for creativity as Sound Check contest and event themes come from the creative imaginations of the Spinning Masters, Party Leaders and Hotties.
    • Guests are put to the test to think beyond the simple "Best in....themes" and unleash their inner creativity.


    • Spinning Masters who have spent hours developing their craft and love to entertain.
    • Party Leaders are some of the best you will find on the grid with a huge amount of experience.
    • Hotties those ladies that entertain you and make you forget all the troubles of the day without getting naked.


    • Three owners of two extremely successful and popular clubs came together from their friendship to provide a location to help residents grow and learn club life straight from the owners of a club.
    • From The Sassy Chassy Night Club comes owner Benton Torkelsonn and former club Dj Suzanne Bosatsu aka "Aussie DJ"
    • From Shoreside Club and Weddings comes the owner team FlamingAngel Emerald and Gleanr Ellsmere aka "Wacky DJ Gleanr."

    Tell us what you think of the of one of the fastest growing clubs on the grid. Join us for a set today. Look for our set times in Second Life Events under the key words "Sound Check."

                                                            See you on

               the dancefloor!

                                      Teleport to Sound Check Night Club



  11. As a long time club owner and club owner mentor here are some insights:

    Linden Labs has not direct stance on contests in Second Life unless they involve gambling and even thing it is minimal. However club or location owners will try for the benefit of everyone try to take steps to make contests as fair as they possablity can within the ToS. One such example of a program that did work to a point was RedZone. This program for those not aware worked well for gaining the information on if someone was using multipale accounts from the same IP to cause greif or rig contests. However the program was a violation of Linden Labs ToS on collection of information. There are acutally only so many things venue owners can do to promote "fair play" of contests. Centianly not having contests all together is an option for any location and some of those location are extreamly successful. What is not seen directy to residents which they take to be a riged contest is the level of tools creators have attempted to build into contest boards and anti-bot systems.

    As it was pointed out some contests have an appearance of being rigged. Certanily a location that only has "staff" winning the contest weather the "staff" is working or just in the club as a guest is another factor, stands out to anyone that frequents a location. There are tools at play which do appear as a "rigging" the contest but are actually ment to help the staff of locations. As a great example some contest boards have a built in sensor which will scan a range around the board reading and comparing the nemes of the residnets to what are entered into the contest. Should there be someone in the contest who is not within the scan range the board will automaticly remove that person from the contest. This brings up  a point of contention if the person "crashes" and is not able to return soon enough to rejoin the contest and it has now gone to a voting stage. The first thought by human nature has is "I was here the whole time crashed once and now I just wasted all that time." It leaves a bad taste for the location to some people. However again once RULES or contest terms are posted there are few debates. Additionally active staff member are on the look out for if that is a case and do their best to promote a fair play but waiting to start voting.

    The greatest challenge facing contest in Second Life is multiple accounts or "group" voting. Sadly there is not way to really avoid with complete accuracy "group" voting or what is called vote stacking with any tools venue owners or contest board creators have to work with. Now Multi-account or commonly called "ALT VOTING" is a different attack. Some location will referance IP number searches for those in their location. At first glance this sounds like a very accurent appoarch however it is not. IP checking does not allow for the fairness of multipale computers connected to the same router or in some cases connected to a server. In this case the IP number of several residents will show to be the same as only the main connection point is being read. Also, IP Checking does bring up points of privacy. Again refering back to the REDZONE system. It is in cases like that that Linden Labs does have ToS policies in place.

    What truely makes contests "fair play" a challenge and in many ways a good thing to keep up with is the creativity factor Second Life offers. In many ways finding the "loop poles" in contests and the tools employed keeps a constent progression of how to improve the contest experiece in Second Life. Those people looking to game the contest will always look for a new way to do it while venue owners and creators look for ways combat and level the playing field to achive a perfect "fair play." The drive is much the same as the drive in the real world to improve a product, process, action, idea, or anything else. It promote thinking, adapting, and growing.

    The end to all of this for "just let cheaters win contests." There are very few venue owners who look at contests and try to fix them for the location or a staff member to win. Most are caught in the knife edge point balancing how do we get traffic while not over spending to pay residents to visit our location. Fewer then 5% of clubs on the grid are actually making money by providing contests or even being open. With close to 8200 club or venue location active at any time of the year and at times the resident traffic at best around 58,000 avatars loged on the grid at a time contest just become another way for a location to even get noticed. So will cheaters of a contest win...yes from time to time they will however the bulk of location owners do a valent effert or promoting fair play in contests. Ultimatly it comes down to each persons since of integrity and honesty. If someone is out just to get the money, they will find a way. I point out one last factor to think of, a location that does say a contest with $500L as a prize. Maybe it is one winner, a three way split, or even split by contest vote count. The winners are recieving around $0.16 to about $2.00 in US currency. This is the same amount of money a person walks pass when not picking up each penny they will walk pass in a shopping center or while going down the side walk. It is the priciple of 'fair play" everyone is trying to achive not the money factor. If you really need $0.16 USD from an Second Life Contest and you have to bring on several alts to get it. You are not thinking about all the work you spent when all you had to do was pick up a few pennies.

  12. Hello everyone,

    I have currently submitted 4 tickets of Fraud > Land to Linden Labs. It has now been over a week and when I went to do a 5th this morning the account I have been reporting has been removed from Second Life or is no longer searchable. Since my ticket is really the first of several involving about 60 sims as I understand it. I am looking for a recommendation on what I should do now since I cannot do an Abuse Report i.e. "Ticket" reporting the issue now that the account is not found. This issue for me alone is for $20300L of a tier payment to a group member that put out an STX tier payment box at the company office but then did not pay the over all sim owner the money forcing that owner to reclaim the lands of about 60 sims.

    Anyone have a thought on what I should do next?

    Gleanr Ellsmere

  13. Readers....

     The original building placed for the Grab A Job & Services Agency was only there for temporary use. Today FlamingAngel Emerald and I have completed the building that will be the permiant home for Grab A Job & Services.


    We have also now re-configured the adboard to give pricing more in lines with what everyone should be easily able to afford.

    Prices are ....

                  Large main view boards $50L

                  Smaller Wall boards       $25L


    Supplyers and or group owners of advertizing location or event groups please contact Gleanr Ellsmere in world if you would like to be included at the location.

  14. Grab A Job & Services Welcomes the following groups and advertizers to the agency location.

    Club Suppliers:

    Gran Lighting - owned by Dave Gran

    SHX Club Equipment - owned by Saii Hallard


    Mainland High School - Owned by Hunter Fischer

    Adoption Option - Owned by Jrnyval Cuttita

    Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency - Owned by Hunter Fischer

  15.                                                       Grab A Job & Services Agency

           With all the advertizment agencies in Second Life what makes Grab A Job & Services differant

                         Grab A Job & Services aims to bring together several parts of Second Life.

                                                                      Its all about the circle


                                                               Clubs                            Services

                                                               Groups                          Supplyers

                                                                                Job Seekers      

                            Clubs and Service providers have the opertunity to rent advertizment boards

                                                   Cost: $50L a week              Current available boards 118

               Groups and Supplyers have the oppertunity to put in a single prim group join and/or landmark giver

                                      Cost: Your time at preparing a unit that is resizable and sending it to me.

                                                                              Available slots: 200

     What does each part of the circle get?        

    Club Owners and Service providers get a steady stream of potental employees and/or business opertunities to sell your services. You will also see what groups are in Second Life for the promoting of your venue and/or service.

    Supplyers and Group owners (yes even other advertizment and employment agencies) you get your name put right along side the names of those customers that buy your products. From the great advertizing groups to the products that make the venue and services providers business work more efficentally its a winning situation for everyone.

    What is it that Grab A Job & Services Agency gets from this?

    The rental boards help to pay for a part of the full region sim Timeless Island. Timeless Island is the home of Shoreside Club and Wedding the Flag ship club of The CLUB RING orginization. Both Shoreside Club and Wedding and the CLUB RING orginization have a stronge belief in helping and supporting the partnerships made in Second Life.


    For more information please IM me in world. If I am offline please send me a notecard as all my messages are caped.

    Gleanr Ellsmere a.k.a Wacky DJ Gleanr

    Shoreside Club and Weddings Co-Owner

    Grab A Job & Services Co-Owner



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