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  1. The faces of Jori - I just have to say, the memories brought back while looking through images, priceless.
  2. I am pretty confused here - I can easily run a TPV 2+ based program without ANY issues. I have a workhorse of a machine, in which has over the "recommended" hardware - and I cannot run an official or Beta/Dev LL 2.+ viewer. Repeatedly I have manually cleared cache, restarted the machine, and did a fresh install to have the exact same results. You (read as Linden Lab) want us to test things, even use the public release but we've stated repeatedly the issues, yet it's no better, if anything, at least previous 2.+ SL viewers I could run, just crash on trying to do anything (read as WALK, TYPE, or CAM)
  3. Same for me - clean install, cache clear, system reboot, program start, initializing/detecting hardware - instant CRASH - will not send logs.
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