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  1. Awesome! Set it to 0 and immediately it worked perfectly. https://gyazo.com/5645d5bb5fa491a44976937805dcf5b4 And I'm definitely not gonna be the one to say shame on you or anything for a mistake. Your mistake is still a far cry from my "well let me just try this!" approach. Thank you SOO much for your help. No BS, even with all the textures and mesh makers, people like you is what makes the heart beat in our world.
  2. Sorry, the glow= 2 is actually from me having no clue really what I'm doing and trying to play around with it to make it work. :} So I changed it back. Unfortunately, replacing the code line as you instructed, didn't have any effect. It still stays at a setting of 0.2. Which, yes, is where it was originally set manually via the editor panel. And now, I have no idea what I changed but something is resetting the light color to black with intensity, radius and falloff all being 0. Honestly, I don't know how y'all do this stuff. I would be completely bald by the end of a week from pulling my hair out just trying to solve this stuff....
  3. LOL yes, the prims are all scattered around a bit as I was trying to dig out the root prim while also trying to delete a bad script installed in every prim that wasn't working at all and install the current script in the root. If this was actual fire, my entire problem would be nullified given I'd likely burn down the entire house... I can at least happily say I didn't write the script. I found it online and was the only one that seemed to even remotely work the way I needed it to. And okay, what you said certainly fixed the light source issue. So thankyou! However, with the light source gone, I realized now that the glow isn't changing as it should. So the light goes off and the texture turns transparent but the texture glow remains when it should change to 0 or no glow.
  4. For visual reference Fire on: https://gyazo.com/5a23cd11f9da67df3a1e62b876a76017 Fire off: https://gyazo.com/528b671b98dab879e28193ef7f248eb5
  5. Hello! Trying to get a fire to work with an on/off toggle via touch and came across the following script. It toggles certainly, but something is backwards. Goal is to set texture transparency=100% AND turn off light source when "fire off". Upon clicking the fire, it should turn on light source and set texture transparency to 0%. This is with 3 prims linked to a parent prim where the script resides (all labeled "flames"). However, the script seems to set texture transparency at 100% and light on when "fire on", texture transparency at 0% and light off when "fire off". Hope I'm making sense but basically, I'm just trying to make the flames go off and completely transparent when I click it to turn off. I google searched the heck out of this and coming up blank. Please keep in mind that I understand about 1% of all this scripting stuff so if you would, please give it to me stupid simple. // Set this variable to the name of the prims that are textured with the flame texture. string FLAME_PRIM_NAME = "flames"; float Alpha = 1.0; integer Glow = 2; list light; default { state_entry() { light = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POINT_LIGHT]); } touch_start(integer total_number) { if (Glow == 0) { Alpha = 0.0; Glow = 2; llWhisper(0, "Fire on"); } else { Alpha = 1.0; Glow = 0; llWhisper(0, "Fire off"); } light = llListReplaceList(light, [Glow], 0, 0); integer link; for (link = 1; link <= llGetNumberOfPrims(); link++) { if (llGetLinkName(link) == FLAME_PRIM_NAME) { llSetLinkAlpha(link, Alpha, ALL_SIDES); llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(link, [PRIM_POINT_LIGHT] + light); } } } }
  6. I think I do recall it being laggy for me but I've always had a rather middle of the road PC, so a lot of sims are laggy for me and I wouldn't generally think much of it. As for whether it was a one time event? I don't know. I do know it was around for quite some time because I'd visited it a couple times, fairly well spaced apart, and both times being rather by accident. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the sim is gone now but figured I'd at least exhaust all chances of finding it before I assumed it's truly gone.
  7. Maybe someone could help me out. I've been out of SL for a bit but there was a city build sim that had rain puddles on the ground. If you looked the puddles, you'd see an actual reflection of the city. Basically the sim builder had mirrored the city to create the effect. Overall, I seem to recall the city having a sort of dark urban asian almost cyberpunk feel to it. It wasn't really a RP dedicated sim but was a fairly popular tourist destination. Wondering if this rings any bells for anyone and if so, maybe know the name and if it's still around? Really hoping, and trying, to find it again but about to give up hope.
  8. This thread reminds me of my old home that I miss something fierce. Bit dated with all the mesh stuff that's out now but was one of my favorites. I own land still and am always trying to do something new but I might go back to it someday and just do an updated version with new, high quality furnishings (like that really amazing kitchen from Pamela! wow!)
  9. Sylvan Ghost wrote: Alexa: from your picture It looks as though your mesh shoes/feet are too small and need to be resized. Going to have to agree with Sylvan. Seems you mistakenly shrank your feet. Easiest method would be to right click on the feet and select edit. Then click/hold one of the white little boxes you'll see floating outside of the object and drag it to enlarge the foot. You may have to adjust the positioning after to align with the rest of the leg. To avoid incidents like this in the future, always keep a copy of original prims and clothes, if possible, somewhere in your inventory that you don't access often. That way you just simply delete and pull out a fresh copy.
  10. Looks to me like you've got an alpha layer attached? Check the inventory items under "worn". But then I may be mistaken what your problem is. Not sure what you meant by "suspendet"
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