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  1. Well I wouldnt have a clue were to start scripting a item that could update a product, i have a update server that sends new product, can i some how make a diff server that sends a script update to kill the scriptsw in the old version so its not of any use ? I affraid of ppl duping the item to recieve more new items im sure its possible.
  2. Okay so im trying to find away to have a item delet the older version after you recieve it or wear it...I sell huds and i use a auto update or as close to as i can figure out. When you wear my older version it sends bla bla bla to server and request update if needed. So when you ge the new version is there a way to make it delet the older on then you wear it or recieve it ??? I cant find any info on this at all. Thank you if you can help.
  3. DJ looking to do privet events or even clubs. Have my own stream mic the hole shabang. I play just about any style. IM me in world ty.
  4. Hey im me in world im looking for a DJ that can mang staff also. Lets talk in game. im @ 2toe Bigboots
  5. Let me clear it up some cause i've got a few pm's from ppl not knowing what i am looking for. I need a partner to help me develop items for my sales. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a sculptrt or scripter. I can script some but im well just above novice. I cant sculpt at all so if you fit eather of them i could use you even if you can only help with one item. If you help me develop a item i will give you a % of every sale of that item ..FOREVER. So let me know please i need to get this moving a little faster. thank you.
  6. Hi, im looking for someone that would like to help me start a buisness. Content of the buisness will be HuD's for multy use. I need more of a developmental partner. Funding isnt the issue, theres just somuch to be done. Please PM in SL name 2toe Bigboots Thank you.
  7. Hello, im making a hud. im almost done when i relize o shoot the prims that are ghost make the hole hud inviz now WTH. basicly i want a few prims to be Ghost "transparent" till the hud is turned on. i've tryed a few diff linking patterns but to no outcome other then a few prims stay a few go .....please help.
  8. If i wasnt on such a striced budget in SL i would, starting a store cost a lot lol. I really need someone that would walk throu this with me, or let me stream throu theres for a sec to see if its my sam. Thanky you for the fast responces also
  9. Im trying to use my DNS url from my mini server from home. So that would be just my own ip with :port @ end. but this dont work
  10. Hello, :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: So i've gone throu the forums and wiki for help on setting up my shoutcast server, but i cant seem to get it to play on my parcel. Now im useing SAM Broadcaster and Shoutcast server. I've about a yr ago use to DJ but for some reason its not working. I could really use some help on this please. I see that my server is reciving stream, and sam is sending to that server. I think what i need is help finding if i got my url wrong or something. Any help would be nice. Thank you, I know theres a million post about this but every pc is different so ya thanks.
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