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  1. TY i do that a lot im trying to wright from scratch instead of taking a written and change it lol from now on as i had been doing.
  2. WHy do i get a syntax error on state clocked ?? float cloakSpeed = .1; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedKey(llGetOwner())); { integer x; float xf; for (x=9; x>=0; x--) { xf = x * .1; llSleep(cloakSpeed); llSetAlpha(xf,ALL_SIDES); } state cloaked; } state cloaked { touch_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedKey(llGetOwner())); } integer x; float xf; for (x=1; x<11; x++) { xf = x * .1; llSleep(cloakSpeed); llSetAlpha(xf,ALL_SIDES); } state default; } }
  3. Okay so if i fire a object from the sword when i triger the animation the fired item can collied ? If so that might work as a slash effect also so ill try ty
  4. I sent it to you, Hope theres a way to clean it up or fix that ever the promblem is. TY
  5. Hello, Im making a gadjet for ppl that take there own photos in SL. I need atleast one persone that is interested in such a item or knows about them to come bu my shop and give me some input its basicly done (exept external textureing) so i wana know what i might need to consider adding to the project. For your help i would like to give you the finished product free. So please IM in worl 2toe Bigboots.
  6. I supose if its okay i can link the .tga i dont think you can make a virus out of that lolBut ill post a link to it and you can tell me what im doing wrong im sure its a nub Error i just need to learn. Its that the in SL object dont really fit the sharpness along the edges as in the Hexagon Terminal .tga <~~~Link to .tga file scan if you like
  7. Its a lot better but still not what i made in Hexagon is it always gonna be a difference in the import ?
  8. Well whats wrong here And heres when i im port it at that very stage So.... Why would it do this to the sculpty please remember im a first time sculpter and trying to learn.
  9. Well im making a bump sword for my sim games and idk what i did wrong heres my script default { collision_start(integer total_number) { llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0), <9,90,0>, <0,0,0>,FALSE); } } IDK this dont work it works on items not worn so ya.......
  10. Someone tell me theres a way to get a item that was in world and was selected my mistake and i hit the Delete ket????
  11. Ya i remember that but this is part of a menu script and i need to get all the texture names at onece string texture = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, o ); O nvm mind i added a gettexture function, i knew i was being a nub
  12. Okay now i know im missing this and im sure its right in fron of my face. But how do i make llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, 0); get all textures instead of just the one ??
  13. Tweeled it a little bit but gread idea, thank you.
  14. So let me know if this would be the best way Send from update server the Romoveinventory script that will ditch the old notcard make script wait a little then send the new card ??
  15. oKAY SO HOW WOULD I HAVE THE OBJECT GET RID OF THE OLD ONE BEFORE SENDING THE NEW ONE ? Srry caps I dont know of a function to git rid of inventory ?? can me making it no trans and having it give to a link work ?
  16. Is there a way to have a script to get rid or a cerin notecard when it recieves the same name Say i have Object A it has notecard config in it And object B sends object A a note card Config i want object a to only read the new note card
  17. Thank you very much, I miss setine things if i havent used them in a long time.
  18. string NOTECARD_NAME = "userKeys";string MESSAGE = "customer at";key kQuery;integer iLine = 0;default { state_entry(MESSAGE = llGetRegionName() + " " + (string)llGetPos() { } changed(integer change) { llSay(0, "Contacting Agent..."); kQuery = llGetNotecardLine(NOTECARD_NAME, iLine); } So like this ? If im to do this i loose the kQuery thats there. can i add to that with out loosing it ?
  19. Its at the top of the script string NOTECARD_NAME = "userKeys";string MESSAGE = "customer at";key kQuery;integer iLine = 0;default { state_entry() { } changed(integer change) I want to just add to the string MESSAGE = "customer at"; So it will say "customer at BLABLABLA <~~~~ being the slur or location I have to may locations to have to add the shop name everytime
  20. Okay so im doing it wrong LOLZ string MESSAGE = llGetRegionName() + " " + (string)llGetPos() ???
  21. Well heres what it is, I made a sencore that will be placed at my shop. when someone is in the shop it will im the "server" then the "server" will im employess from a note card. So i want it to have the function because its the easyest way i can think of and its already set up i jsut wanna add that...... so what would i add to the string there ? llGetLocalPos ?? Also this doesnt do a POP up im window eather.
  22. Hi i want to know how to add a funtion to a string such as string MESSAGE = "A customer Is at shop"; So it will say the actual location that you can Click to tp to. ???? 
  23. Hellp, Im looking for a sculpter to join my staff. We make HuD's and other Gadgets. We need a staff member that can sculpt items for our products. This is a perminet spot on the staff. Pay is commision based off each sale with your items in it. IM me in game or post here so i can IM u in SL. Thank you.
  24. Well the reasone i would like to learn to make this work is cause thats kinda what i do i tinker and ita nice to beable say i can in stead of i baught it. and i know ive got at least 70% of this right just my SQL is limeted to non experiance lol. But still would like some help, directions...hell anyway i can learn this lol thank you.
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