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  1. How smooth does something like this move to target location?
  2. I belive you have to use llRequestPermission and take key board controlls so they have to agree to let your script know your waiting for it.
  3. I have found a script that is suposed to move object along recorded path can someone tell my why i can make it work. Its straight forword to record but i cant figure out how to start movment // CATEGORY:Tour // DESCRIPTION:Way point recording // ARCHIVED BY:Ferd Frederix list waypoints = []; integer waypoint = 0; integer chat_listener = 0; string replaceString(string pattern, string replace, string source, integer count) { while(count-- != 0) { integer index = llSubStringIndex(source, pattern); if(index < 0) return source; source = llInsertString(llDeleteSubString(source, index, (index + llStringLength(pattern) - 1)), index, replace); } return source; } string ce(integer c, string t, string f) { if(c == TRUE) return t; else return f; } show_dialog(key user) { integer wpcount = llGetListLength(waypoints) >> 1; llDialog(user,"We are at waypoint " + ((string)(waypoint+1)) + "/" + ((string)wpcount) + "\nPosition: " + (string)llList2Vector(waypoints,waypoint<<1) + "\nRotation: " + (string)llList2Rot(waypoints,(waypoint<<1)+1),[ce(waypoint > 0, "<", " "),"save",">","clear","load"],-19923); } save() { if(waypoint >= llGetListLength(waypoints) >> 1) waypoints = (waypoints=[]) + waypoints + [llGetPos(),llGetRot()]; else { waypoints = llListReplaceList(waypoints, [llGetPos(), llGetRot()], waypoint << 1, (waypoint << 1) + 1); } } unsave() { if(waypoint >= llGetListLength(waypoints) >> 1) save(); else { llSetPos(llList2Vector(waypoints, waypoint << 1)); llSetRot(llList2Rot(waypoints, (waypoint << 1) + 1)); //llMoveToTarget(llList2Vector(waypoints, waypoint << 1),0.25); //llRotLookAt(llList2Rot(waypoints, (waypoint << 1) + 1), 1, 0.25); } } say() { list tmp = []; integer i = llGetListLength(waypoints); vector sp = llList2Vector(waypoints, 0); while(i>=2) { tmp = (tmp=[]) + [llList2Vector(waypoints, i - 2) - sp, llList2Rot(waypoints, i - 1)] + tmp; i-=2; } string str = "vector start = " + (string)sp + "; list waypoints = [" + llDumpList2String(tmp, ", ") + "];"; llSay(0, str); } default { touch_start(integer num) { llListen(-19923,"","",""); save(); show_dialog(llDetectedKey(0)); } listen(integer chan, string name, key user, string msg) { if(chan == 0) { if(llGetSubString(msg,0,4) != "load ") return; llListenRemove(chat_listener); chat_listener = 0; save(); say(); list tmp = llCSV2List(llGetSubString(msg,5,-1)); waypoints = []; waypoint = 0; while(waypoint<llGetListLength(tmp)) { vector v = (vector)llList2String(tmp, waypoint++); rotation r = (rotation)llList2String(tmp, waypoint++); llOwnerSay((string)v); waypoints = (waypoints=[]) + waypoints + [v,r]; } waypoint = 0; unsave(); } else if(msg == "<") { save(); if(waypoint > 0) waypoint--; unsave(); } else if(msg == ">") { save(); waypoint++; unsave(); } else if(msg == "save") { save(); say(); return; } else if(msg == "clear") { save(); say(); waypoint = 0; waypoints = []; save(); } else if(msg == "load") { llSay(0,"Type \"load <x,y,z>,<x,y,z,s>,...\" in chat..."); chat_listener = llListen(0,"","",""); return; } else llOwnerSay((string)name+"("+(string)chan+"): "+msg); show_dialog(user); } } // END /
  4. AAWWWW i like that llDetectLinked thats a great idea. i think ill play with that.
  5. Okay permissions...this is a new subject for me so. If i have one script in a set of liked prims lets say for the sake of it a hud as for Permmisions does that apply to the hole set or just that one script ? I want to ask from one script in the hud body and have functions on diff buttons and not have to ask every time i want to do a action with a diff part of the link
  6. Awome i did as you suggested Roli and removed Update Request from llListen. Works good. I figured that it would update every object with same name but nope works jsut as i wanted it.
  7. My bad im not stating my self very well today lol im sorry. I posted a page back what i came up with. Awsome got it working now. Dark and Rolig you 2 are awsome. Always there to answer me even when its a nubby question (90% of the time lol) thank you .
  8. This is what ive got default{ state_entry() { llListen(-1985,"","","Update Request"); } listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { if(msg == "Update Reduest") { llGiveInventory(id, "userKeys"); } }}
  9. Very close, but say i was to add 3 more of these to the sim? i would have to edit the script ?
  10. Pretty much I really dont wanna use UUID at all and if not to complex be able to only send to object hat shouted and not all named the same. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dark you basicly shown my 80% of what i know of LSL lol someone should pay this guy (if only i had some L$ lol)
  11. Okay so i want a object to send a notecard when it hears something on llReagonSay But i dont wanna use UUID, becasue if theres a reasone to rerez or if theres several of these. I have object say llRegionSay(-111,"Update Request"); to triger the send But not do i heave object B send with out a UUID ? Also thinking i want it to only send to the one that asks. So if i have say 5 object A and only one gets rerezed how would i get the update to the one object ?
  12. It looks like its working but i dont get the Email ?? that SL email not RL
  13. Im trying to make it SL email a list (frome notecarde) when a item is deliverd to it this isnt the origenal script this is a alt of it im playing with the original one IMs them and works
  14. I see no reasone for it to be lagger when not... If you think of it simpply as Dropping a napkin on the back of a spoon then drop the napkin on the flat counter its the same method to apply that texture. So im gonna have to say no its no difference
  15. Okay so this might be messy ive tryed to fix it up a bit but still cant get it right keep getting error. I've even used LSL editor got it down to one error 1 } expected Line28 char 10 I have placed the } and still same error so hook me up woth a answere please. //start_unprocessed_text string NOTECARD_NAME = "userKeys"; string MESSAGE; key kQuery; integer iLine = 0; default { state_entry() { MESSAGE = llGetRegionName() + " " + (string)llGetPos(); } changed(integer change) { kQuery = llGetNotecardLine(NOTECARD_NAME, iLine); } dataserver(key query_id, string data) { if (query_id == kQuery) { if (data == EOF) { llResetScript(); } else } state_exit() { llGetFreeMemory(); llEmail(llGetSubString(data,0,54),"NOTICE",MESSAGE); } }
  16. Booo with all the function you think there would be Im sad
  17. Okay so i have a script that is part of what im lookig for it charges tax to anyone that chats, i wonder if someone will help me turn this so it will take turns on who can talk. If your willing to help me just IM or post here ill check it often.
  18. Is there a way to check to see if someone has activated there mic?
  19. So there is SL Forum trolls nice, damn you youtube.com DAMMNNNN YOUUUU!!!!
  20. Is there a way to make my land no voice i rent and i dont see the option to force it off.
  21. Okay so i wanna make a flowting text that will look like a loading bar or well sum what so how would i do that say Loading . Loading.. Loading... Loading.... Loading ..... In order while the object is reading a notecard Im thinking this should be easy but IDK.
  22. http://www.rockhopper.sl/?page_id=359 I rent from them and there the best. Very Fast Service and they go all the way 200%. So check them out awsome prices also.
  23. Hello, Im looking for someone to join a HuD project with me im starting soon. Theres a lot to be done and if you like scripting heres a good project for ya. Offering 50% commision on all sales on the project.
  24. Hello, Im starting a HuD project and im gonna need a partner to help me script some of it. If your interested in doing a project IM in world. Will be doing a 50% commision base for partner for all sales for life of it Of any other projects/ items used in.
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