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  1. agree nothing worth seeing looks abandoned to me like most of sl these days
  2. Who would buy land in sl when it's dying a slow death, what is that about?
  3. Yes I have come back on sl after a 7 year absence, a couple of weeks ago and only learned today whilst at this venue that its closing tomorrow. I'm glad that i got back online in time, its a shame but its indicative of sl. Look at linden's own residence that has not changed in my 7 years absence. It seems Linden is only interested in cashing the cheques and not finding a way to increase people coming to sl. It's a shame so many sims have gone, but in reality what is this place, a fantasy; you have to go an live out your REAL life not spend money on second life for something you cannot touch but treasure the memories. The new platform Sansar which was to replace sl has been sold so don't know what linden are intending to do; charge everyone to even access sl, that would seem the way but i wouldn't pay. I've been on internet for 25 years, originally you would pay for stuff you wanted or find a free way but then you realise that it's not tangible and therefore wasting your money on wrong things. If Linden are to save sl the need to try looking at it from a gaming point of view, that's where the money is. I wouldn't spend money on vr as you will get bored of it, you need to do things interactively with it. Some of the sims i visited on sl were interactive for this reason kept me coming back. I know nothing is immediately happening but RIP Second Life, whenever it happens!
  4. i've just installed this onto my new laptop today it's an intel i7 8th generation 1.8-4.6ghz but i notice this is running around 2.5 to 3ghz rate it has 32gb ram but doesn't really run, i'm 4g mobile data only what is going on my laptop should be able to play this, i have onboard graphics i dont know if its that but none of
  5. Never mind i actually found it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuary/183/148/47 the place is called Sanctuary its massive take a look some time, thanks for looking.
  6. i used to visit a really nice massive place it was something out of alibaba but on a epic scale. All details were arabic middle eastern looking. it was like a massive castle in some ways with pathways and roads were dirt looking and stoned pathways; all desert coloured. There were underground pathwaqys to the different parts of the city. i had it in my bookmarks but i have loads in there i am already going through them one by one i think i found it when it was on destination guide. there was a circular arena of some type and people used to congregagte there to play some type of game i dont remember what, it looked typically roman in a way, also had lots and losts of steps and stairs going all over the place, hope these details help. hope somenoe can identify this place, many thanks.
  7. i am also having this problem as of 5 mins ago, was working earlier today. btw what is tardis sim?
  8. im having this problem today, was working earlier anyone else having this problem at all?
  9. how do i watch myself from the front walking so i can see the boobs move, i can see my bum moving its nice just the right amoutn of bounce
  10. yeah i got this too i thought i had to register my details formally in some way as i looked into it months back am i doing this right or what? i have NEVER bought anything with real money so i dont know if this is the problem my real details are not registered to my account i never put my home address in etc help
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