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  1. Another little trick to keep up your sleeve (although searching for "worn" in your inventory is absolutely the best), is to right click on your avatar and select Take Off from the pie wheel, it will offer the option of Clothes and then you will see a list of clothing layers and the ones you are wearing will be selectable. That can be handy too. Welcome and Good luck, Aurie
  2. Hi Kisses: Actually, the absence of the little white dot can also simply reflect that the person does not have Voice enabled - either they cannot or choose not to enable that functionality (it's not really a good indication that they are in private voice). Aurie
  3. Very cool - here is my one thing to learn for today, thanks Eternus. /me brushes her hands together and smugly considers going back to bed now... Aurie
  4. No worries, Tonks... we are all just happy to help - the green and yellow colour code are not our main motivators. Take good care, Aurie xxx
  5. This scenario always makes me laugh too. And you can't help but feel a bit awkward. For what it's worth, when it's clearly a public venue with no public chat, I usually assume I've stumbled across a place where people come to hook up. Maybe that's not so - but it seems people stand around in silence reading each other's profiles or examining the avies and waiting for their IM window to light up. Chances are they were in IM... Sometimes friends and I are also on private SL voice call or a different voice platform (i.e. Skype) in the background. When this is the case I try not to be in a club or other public venue. But when I am I try to keep an eye on local to respond to others. But in answer to your question: No, there really is no way to tell. I can only imagine the fallout if there was some kind of graphic to identify who is in IM with whom... yikes! Aurie
  6. Hi Toxic: How annoying! I had a similar problem a couple months ago when I tried to upgrade to a newer version of a third-party viewer. Not sure why, but for some reason it was only one particular viewer which caused the login problem you describe above. I'm not suggesting you are using that viewer but maybe the one you are using is having an issue with something on your new computer. Perhaps try to install a different viewer and see if that rectifies the situation. Good luck, Aurie BTW: Please let us know when you resolve the issue so that this thread may be of help to others in the future who experience the same (or similar) problems.
  7. By the way, once you do adjust it into place, detach it and then put it back on. That will save the attachment settings. If you don't do that and you crash, the hours of adjusting are all for naught as the item will reattach as it did in the beginning. Good luck, Aurie
  8. /me grabs the leaf between her teeth and shakes her head with it, growling happily. *smiles at Bob and hums the national anthem* Hey, t-minus 8 days for the world to come to play with us, Bob. Do you have a cot out for international visitors to stay over? I do... although being several thousand kms away, they might be disappointed with the commute to events. Aurie
  9. Not sure I understand your question... Visa is not typically a gift card (although I like the thought and might try to convince my rl hubby). Do you mean a prepaid Visa or something? Maybe a terminology issue on my part. Anyway... To my knowledge, all Visa cards send you a monthly statement - which, if the card is "prepaid", will tell you what is left... and if the card is a credit card, will tell you how much you owe. Sadly, there is no such thing as a free Linden. Just like RL, the there is always a catch. Aurie
  10. Sigh - I love you guys!!! 300 prims worth of stuff took a long time to reposition. But they were randomly-named coalesced objects just as you said. TY Aurie
  11. Hi there: I own land (well a group of two ppl has deeded ownership of the land - i am group owner and creator)... recently (today), 300 prims worth of inventory went missing and was presumably returned to my lost and found... however, neither me, nor my sl bf (the other group member) received the items in out lost and found - or anywhere in our inventory - despite exhaustive searches. We relogged, cleared caches and checked with the sim owner to see if she somehow received them... she did not. Can anyone tell me who received returned inventory items when the land is owned by a group? Thanks in advance, Aurie
  12. Just be cautious. Commercial spots that generate high traffic can be terrible for lag - especially those that do a lot of concerts/MM boards/etc. It's not bad when you have the choice to leave but if you live there... that might really stink! Good luck! Aurie
  13. Very much enjoying SL photography but the camera controls are absolutely driving me nuts. I searched through previous camera-related threads but didn't see what I was looking for (which may have been a function of my poor patience more than the absence of the info). Apologies if I am re-hashing old problems. How do SL "photographers" do it? When I get the desired zoom, my horizontal and vertical movements jump way too far.... can take me a long time to get what I want and I often settle just to stop the pain! I am willing to purchase or download required tools... Thanks in advance, Aurie
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