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  1. What a hunt. It took me all of five minutes, rezzing time included (on a 5yo laptop). I hope it did not demand too much of an effort to organize. "Amusingly", from the blog post it seems that having the first egg in the same location as a Hatchery confused a few people. Who'd have thought.
  2. I am quite familiar with the subject on prim spam on the mainland, as I am the caretaker for two parcels in Darkwood, one of the oldest themed sims in SL, and one sim away from a telehub. One of the big problems is that it is so old that many of the original owners had Lifetime accounts. Some of those people have not been online in months, others possibly in years. And yet, the parcel settings remain rather open, with no autoreturn, and object entry. There is also, annoyingly, a lack of response to the ARs sent about the litter, even when the reason why the parcel owner can't do it is explained in the AR. (It did work, once, when I managed to corner a nice Linden, but only partially as they only set one of the two parcels.) At the moment, one of the parcels with ugly litter is set to a group that is not the group to which the main item on it is set. Autoreturn would certainly be a problem, the owner would need to set the item properly first, or builds older than most AVs around these days would be lost. But if this cannot be done, at the very least No Entry and No Rez could be set, and the obvious litter removed.
  3. Valen Serpente wrote: Nuhai Ling wrote: 20 regions were donated by residents and businesses "for the benefit of the community" meaning someone is paying Linden Lab to have their own birthday party. Wow! That's really sad, lol. But I have to say, LL did good for a while with a lot of updates in the last year with new viewer, viewer features, additional server and script functions, Mesh, 64 meter prims. In 4 years I have been in SL I don't think I have seen much progress at all and then BAM! Lots of stuff. Hopefully LL is in a "Quiet before the storm" period where they are planning their next updates. If not, oh well, I enjoy SL myself and will be here for a while longer regardless. >The V2 viewer was made by people who were not familiar with SL, I take that as one of those "walking away" steps mentioned above. An alternative might have been to go over the JIRA first. >Mesh and 64 prims went hand in hand, and even the people working on that did not have a clue about what it would change for the residents. The person from whom I heard it told me the conversation went something like this: "With mesh, there is one change coming, the maximum dimensions for prims will be 64x64x64m" "WHAT?? You've got to tell people!!" "Why? Do you think they will be interested?" Because once more, LL do not know what is going on inworld. And yes, it is extremely sad that people have to pay to have some place to celebrate SL's 9th anniversary.Though it is not as pathetic as LL not offering those sims, even if they chose not to be involved.
  4. MiaSnow Myriam wrote: then when i tried to upload my 1st mesh experiment, i was prompted to go through a tutorial / test that i had to pass, about intellectual property. i liked that! it was informative, & easy, & shows LL cares about that topic. I'm afraid that only shows that LL cares about the potential lawsuits from big names, like video games companies. Though a simple search on the Marketplace would show them that their test isn't enough, and since only copyright owners can send DMCAs, nothing will get anywhere.
  5. Where is SL now? Oh, good, I'd like to take part in that discussion. *hit Reply* *get sent to the login page* *fill in, attempt login* *repeat three times* SL, at the moment, would seem to be stagnating at best, but I'm afraid it would be degrading. There appears to be very little in the matter of service and listening to residents. Support tickets are very limited, especially for free accounts (helloooo, anyone? Free account doesn't mean that people do not take part in the SL economy, just that they do not feel like paying for Premium, or cannot afford it) Office hours (sorry, usergroup meetings) are somewhat limited too. Abuse Reports seem to be ignored quite often, whatever the matter, from Harassment to copybotting (I know, I know, you do not receive feedback. However, seeing an effect would be nice, otherwise it is entirely useless, just remove the whole thing if you don't want to be contacted at all). Talking to a Linden is just impossible. "Use the Knowledge base", "Hit F1", "use the proper channels and send a Support Ticket" (surprise, free account, can't do on a lot of subjects), what is the point of having avatars if they appear as humans as bots?. You may try to contact them but it is extremely rare to receive any kind of answer. The last time this happened to me was more than a year ago. Yes, they may be inworld to work, but in a somewhat social media, talking to residents might just show you care. The lack of an official 9th anniversary celebration seems to point out that the Labs really stopped caring about residents, and possibly SL itself. Where are they headed? Full on into Suitland, possibly on the other side of a brick wall, to be hit rather hard. Sorry, people. You are just numbers.
  6. Always a funny one, but of course you can only submit tickets like that if you have a Premium account. Standard accounts are limited to land problems. And yet "Some copybotter is using my sculpts to start his themed land" is not one of the options. Soon three months after the first AR, still not anything done.More were sent, as I found new items that he had copied. Surprisingly, it seems to be the second time that he does that, though this is a different account, just named the same through his Display Name... The first one was in 2010 and back then I'd had immediate response to the AR, with a Linden IMing me about it within five minutes of the AR being files. Lately I even tried the desperate method of "sending a notecard to a Linden", because there aren't any useful business hours about that kind of thing either. Big surprise that with customer service like that I wouldn't pay for Premium. Nor feel like disclosing my identity through a DMCA to the person who keeps claiming he didn't copybot a thing and then banned me from his parcel (which means I can't have a close look at what he might add to his collection.) Why should my RL be mixed with SL when *someone else* is using means banned by the SL ToS to grab my stuff?
  7. Has the problem actually been solved through the implementation of autoreturn on that parcel, or was it a one-time return? I am an officer for a group with the same problem, and even though multiple ARs mentioned that the parcel permissions were not as they should be, the only thing that ever happened was a return- whenever the items were returned, times ranges from "within the day" to "four days later". (Sometimes, just a ban of the account, not even return, meaning that you couldn't even send another AR as the account didn't exist anymore. Superbly handled.) And all they would need is to set the autoreturn... A friend of mine who is also has a free account on LotR Online keeps raving about how good their customer service is, with response often within minutes, or seconds...
  8. Malheureusement, LL a fait savoir, sans surprise pour les usagers, qu'ils ne regardaient pas le nombre de votes, mais seulement le nombres de personnes Watching chaque sujet. Que de temps perdu.
  9. As someone with a shop on Mainland, and close to a Telehub, Abandonned parcels without the proper settings are a real bother. Even though ARs are sent, there is no visible response. Sorry, I lie. It appears that quite regularly, the owners of the offending items are banned. The items themselves remain on the parcels. Since the telehub is close, those items can include self-replicating/physical/etc particle spammers, gifts from griefers. They will enter the Abandonned parcel without any trouble, and then stay there, as no autoreturn was set. The same will happen with vehicles, nearly all of which will only let their owners drive them, meaning that someone couldn't drive them into a parcel where the autoreturn is active, to get rid of them. It should be possible to ask the programmers nicely if they could add a few things to the process of abandonning land. Remove all previous owner settings, apply Standard Abandonned Land settings, and, why not, randomly seed a few Linden plants so it's not entirely empty, all at the press of a single button.
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