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  1. I cancelled Premium before. It automatically signed me up again,. How do I stop this/
  2. I am a new dance at "Pimk Velvet Club". I have brought people to the club: Robman Tape Griza Randy I will get his last ma,e amd Rob's
  3. Trans. # 9o2250080 for 120 Lindens to Josaphone Cooperstone and 1,000 Lindens t9o classified ad, trans. # 922J0080. My two (20 trait horses dissappeared.) (One had ghost eyes. I also had a bundle. The total worth is about 3,000 Lindens.)
  4. where is my dashboard? I lost two (20 Trait) horses and a bundle, during a roll back at The Nest Egg. Also, 120 lindens I piad to Josaphine Cooperstone for the lot. I did not put anymore horses, since my horses were now gone.
  5. I just rented an area, on The Nest Egg. I placed two (20 trait horses) and a bundle. The owner said it went missing during the roll back. I told her i no longer wished to rent the area, since my horses are now gone. She didn't even give my money back. Her name is Josaphine Cooperstone.
  6. I have an an ongoing ad. I need to change some info and not renew it, automatically, each week.
  7. I have been gone for almost a year. I noticed that all my inventory is there, but when I click on something, the clothings are all gone! How do I get it all back??
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