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  1. Am i the only one wich sim is running on the beta server Le Tigre, that have difficulties with a low sim fps and some times one high sim ping And that is happening now 3 releases ago Before that release the sim was good and we needed never one restart, and now even a restart will not help When you write it in one ticket they never give one answer
  2. nice we can have more groups now, but why are we forced to use the viewer 2.4, and if i do not like to use it when i am with another viewer online and get one invire for a new group, must i say then wait i must log in first with 2,4 this will not work, yu have not think good about that
  3. very easy done , you forced to used the 2.4 viewer and for the one who not will use it? so i can never use more groups thank you you are all wonderfull
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