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  1. Thanks for all the feedback :-) yes the more I look into it the more I see this has been going on for a while and is totally messed up. As for whether they plan to actually fix it we will see, mean time putting in support tickets might get some attention. I did file one but was told to file a bug jira. Now I can have fun trying to see if one has already been filed, we all have so much time to do all this instead of creating ... snickers,
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the sort by Best Seller seems to be all messed up in the apparel section. Are 0L$ items supposed to be allowed in this search ? I had never noticed them in there before and now page 9 on seems to list them. I had been watching it for months and got used to the trend and this past week and a half it went totally out the window and not following what you would think are listed as best sellers at all, seems more like highest prices and totally random items.
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