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  1. I know this is an older post but as someone who has used an A10-4600 APU powered laptop to play SL I felt I needed to pipe up. I was regularly able to get very playable framerates using my laptop in "High" and even occassionally higher settings with shadows enabled. Of course much of this has to do with how capable you are with tweaking your graphics settings. Remember that draw distance is ALWAYS a major killer of performance. I find that if I maintain my draw distance at 88 meters for general use you can use one of these A10's with shadows enabled quite comfortably. There are other tweaks p
  2. He had a funny and effective security orb that I still have and use from time to time. It had a small sentinal that would chase intruders away. I'm unsure if he is still in world but he had a small store parcel on mainland not long ago. I haven't checked recently to see if it is still there.
  3. I don't mean to revive a dead post but wanted to add a bit of information. Actually, Lumiya has never been free on Android. It is a one time paid app ($2.95) and it is then free to use after the initial purchase. I'm not sure what cryptic was charged but I've had Lumiya installed for over a year now and its been great for accessing SL when no computer is available and other than the initial purchase price I've never been charged other fees. There is an iOS and Android app that is out there that does charge a monthly fee to use, I believe its called Mobile Grid (unsure?) but that is a diffe
  4. Thank you Rinnie! We love you here at Sublime and hope you come back again and again.
  5. Hello Shilo, I know this is an older thread but I'm hopeful I can still be of help to you or others who have similar questions. I have a system with lesser specs than yours and regularly get higher frame rates than you listed. Tweaking SL graphics settings to get best performance can be difficult to figure out. I regularly get high frame rates in crowded areas by using these general theories when setting up my graphics in any viewer. FYI, as odd as this seems I regularly see better performance using LL viewer over Firestorm. My go to viewers are as follows Catznip for general use, LL viewer
  6. There are options available in nearly every state in the country, more so if you are willing to re-locate. Having been a housing professional I may be able to point you in the right direction. I'll reach out to you in world. Keep your head up, there is help out there. Genesis
  7. Angel Alphaville wrote: No it didn t help. Well, I suppose its good that I didn't promise it would, right? You put in the same bag people from opposing sides in a debate that is almost religious. I did nothing but offer a suggestion to those who were having difficulty adjusting. As for a religious debate, I have little time for it as I have more important things to worry about in life than to elevate a UI to such a level. Moreover, it's clear which "side" you are, in other words, it's clear you haven t even used V2 at all. I have no idea what "side" you are referring to, if you are a
  8. Ceka Cianci wrote: I am constantly looking at skins..i think i'll start making a notecard of the good mens skins i see when i am looking.. i am always coming passed them in my searches.. i always hear how men have the hardest time finding good skins..a lot are tucked away in stores where the creator makes both male and female.. i'm curious..when men look for skins do the mostly look in the mens only stores for them more than they do a store that would be for both male and female? i always see a small selection of them compared to womens skins in most of the stores..i'm wondering if that j
  9. First people complained and screamed about the sidebar being there in the first place. Now its gone and people are screaming that it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just proof that you cannot please everyone no matter how you try. But there is help for those of you who are missing the "old/new" interface. SL remembers the locations of windows once you open and place them. If you like you can open each window, move and size them in the area where your sidebar used to be. Close them and re-open them to find they are exactly where you left them. Granted, its not exactly what you had
  10. We're out here, hangin' everywhere and anywhere on the grid. A lot of the difficulty may be around finding quality skins of color. I personally dread when it is time to upgrade my skin because I know it will likely take forever to find something I want to wear. Especially for black males, while there is no shortage of "gangsta" or "thug" skins on the market the selection dwindles down to a very few if you are looking for something less "hardened" and stereotypical. I'm not a gangsta irl, I don't want to look like one in SL. I have also met a number of people who play avatars of another race
  11. Another option is Aeros, it has nice detail and the HUD is a work of art. Very steampunk like if I had to choose a genre. I will say that it has more options than I could ever see a need for particularly since my main purpose for its purchase was for my occassional stroll on a nude beach. Of greatest importance to me was the ability to accurately match my avatar skin tone as a man of color having a good range of textures was very important to me. They have done nice work here.
  12. LOVING the new interface. I had posted a long review about viewer 2.0 backin 2010 on the forums that asked for many of these changes and thought I would never see them (for anyone interested in seeing that post you can view it here.) implemented. The only thing I would ask for to make the interface even more customizable is the addition of a "small spacer" and "large spacer" button in the Toolbars window. This would allow me to separate button sets along the side of my viewer and many applications/browsers support this feature. It shouldn't be difficult to implement now that they have gone th
  13. Correct, the original poster made that generalization, I did not. I did however state that I had experienced this personally as well. For some unknown reason it has been Phoenix users who I have seen this with not users of viewers such as Imprudence, Kokua, Cool VL, Kirstens, Dolphin, etc. Why? I do not know or claim to know. Perhaps that is one of the downside to establishing a loyal fan base. You see much of the same thing with Mac vs Windows vs Linux enthusiasts. To a degree it is harmless to mildly annoying when caught in the middle of it. I thank you for your suggestion on how to deal wi
  14. Thank you, I do not believe you and I are far off on the matter of banning without reason. I would like to point out that the developer of the viewer has certified compliance with the LL viewer policy. If LL truly believed it was non compliment it would be banned from use on the grid something that LL could easily do and has done in the past with malicious viewers detected on the grid. This viewers application was rejected for listing on the directory only and does not appear to be in violation of any terms LL lists in own policy. The reason for rejection is not one of the imposed requirements
  15. Marigold Devin wrote: Genesis Montagne wrote: Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Genesis Montagne wrote: 2. Listing on the TPV Directory is not a requirement. If I wanted to download LL source and create my own viewer for my use or my friends use, that is completely fine to do. Not being listed on this directory is not an acceptable reason for banning. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Really it's completely fine to ban with or without a reason. One persons acceptable is another persons not acceptable. The fact that we have the ability to ban with
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