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  1. Wow. An adult content forum, that's something I'd never expect of LL. Possibly if they outsourced all this so they could wash their hands of it, that might make sense. So. is this bit of it NSFW? Only one way to find out
  2. Every time I hear cultural anthropology I think of this song ------ And mind blown. LL trusts us with something that supports youtube? Mind you, I haven't been around these forums since the days of Kat "make you unwelcome" Linden when LL decide the best way to deal with us was to comletely purge vBulletin of literally EVERY feature. Not to say that I wasn't also staying away because LL (Jack Linden?) decided to link a forum ban to inworld bans and back then there were too many people I wanted to troll into oblivion. Anyhow, greetings from one of the 2006 free account hordes that were absolutely guaranteed to kill SL! Now a grizzled old-timer in SL terms and it seems to have survived me being in it. LAWL.
  3. In-world: There's a little place called F.A.B. Or maybe Lollygagger's Lane over in the corner of Sarafina. Out-of-World: Plurk SLUniverse
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