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  1. I would appreciate being pointed to the T.O.S. I am getting a bit tired of hearing people making claims about what it does and doesn't say and figure I better take the time to figure it out myself. Thanks.
  2. Max's Bar is a 70's - Current Rock n Pop club and hangout. Looking for Professional DJ's and hosts who love music and people and are self motivated. You keep 100% of your tips! DJ's need to have your own stream. We are currently open weekends and occasionally through the week, but growing. We are an open and friendly destination, with a goal of being friendly, flirty and fun for all. Contact Candy Tripp in world if you are interested.
  3. I have found it very helpful to have a nude outfit that is just shape, skin, and any defining features I always use with that shape (like my elven shape would include the ears). I can quickly shift to this outfit before starting a new one.
  4. I am fine with being invisible to visitors. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  5. I have done a bit of RP here and there in SL. I spent a couple years as a Hufflepuff Professor in a Hogwart's based RP. It was very fulfilling planning classes and it made me happy when the students would talk about my classes for weeks after. I enjoyed many hours living the life of my character. I was happy to step away when I did, but don't regret the time at all. After retiring from the RP I became a meece in a dark wonderland RP (which unfortunately no longer exists) eventually moving up to fill the role of the Dormouse. Where I spent many happy hours stalking around the edges, being flu
  6. You can't unless you meet them in RL... and occasionally (but rarely) even then. Yes it is normal in SL to RP a different gender then your actual one. If your only relationship with them is an RP sim you shouldn't assume any information your get is RL information. They could be portraying a character completely different then themselves.
  7. I don't blog, tweet, or foursquare. I leave all those mediums to my sweetie. I have plenty to keep up reading a few forums, occasionally checking facebook (for family and old friends), being in world.. and my secret obsession ,that was put away for awhile but which I have recently returned to, neopets. My sweetie does follow a few interesting people though and often passes on tidbits.
  8. I heard a rumor they had killed the forums, so I came to see. Looks like they changed things around again. I haven't been here in awhile.. I actually took a long hiatus from SL. Just kind of edging back into now. So what is new?
  9. It is fine to remove it. It is very unlikely anyone from Linden Labs would actually come look at it unless you couldn't remove it yourself. Hopefully it was a very limited griefing and you can now go on happily with your Second Life.
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