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  1. I'm gonna put my two cents in here..for what it's worth. Rarely do you see LL going "oh you're right, our bad" on implementations, fee increases, etc. I do hope all these comments change their minds: 1) Price decrease for sims: yeah ok, those who can afford to pay that much money per month probably need the break..it's a way to try and keep them paying for their sims, thus keeping income for LL. 2) Premium fee increase: While I'm not happy about this, I understand their price has been the same forever. This will not convince people to switch to premium, most I've spoken with say they will NEVER go premium because of this whole implementation. 3) IMs/offlines: I'm basic and go premium when my budget allows. Why decrease our groups? Are you telling free users to "Suck it up" as Guy Faulkes has said? Yes there are subscription boards that we can (and I do) use, but what if the board is sending you a NC or a gift that you want/need? Several boards I'm subscribed to don't have an inworld store to grab a redelivery. If I miss it..I'm out. So you're reducing our groups AND offlines, please..explain this to me...why are you making it harder for basic users? Several people have commented about a tiered premium fee system. I'm actually all for this, think it's a great idea. For those of us who can't always swing the 10 (now more) a month, maybe for $5-7 you get a group and offline bump, but no house. For the full price you get everything, more groups, more offlines and a fancy new linden home. Please please please consider doing this. I think in the long run you would have more income, as more people who work in SL can make enough L to cover that per month. TY
  2. Jenny Kaos

    Name change

    Ty for your replies...I was hoping but not looking promising.
  3. Jenny Kaos

    Name change

    There are only 500 people in the world with the last name of Plasker...which happens to be my maiden name. I found out about a week ago that LL used that name in game. While amused they would put such a rare name in...I want to have that name in game. I have proof of it being my maiden name. My query is this: Under these circumstance will LL help me with this? I looked all over support and found absolutely nothing about name changes, and the only phone number I've found is for billing support. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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