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  1. "Meter is a meter everywhere - even in SL, it's the exact same meter we use in RL." It isn't a matter of meter, it is a matter of scalability. I'd been looking at this issue revently because of trying to figure out 'realistic' height for a mountain on a SL sim. I looked up the size of Mt. Everest, and it's at 29,035, or 8,850 meters. In this case, to build to realistic meter setting as in real life, this would go beyond what the average sim could manage for height. Therefore, you actually have to scale down mountain ranges considerably to 'fit in the box', so to speak.
  2. I would love to join a quest to find a good modern Urban RP. The few places out there thend to be post apocalyptic and/or centered around CCS/DCS combat systems. There has to be smothing mosre closer to this period of time that can be played reasonably well. The hard part is finding such a community. It seems the greatest barrier has to do with 'realism', even if the RP is essentially urnan fantasy. So yeah, I'd love to see a revival of Neko RP, and make something better than what was done in the past.
  3. "Luckily generally the people here recreate daily life in the 1920s, so no gangster shootouts, wars, public nudity, etc And if there are there is our police force to keep people in control." No gangsters in the 1920s? Not sure about Berlin, but there was the Mafia in the US at least. Not to mention 1920s was in betweeen 2 world wars, so to say there there was no warfare, or things leading up to warfare would be a bit misleading. Not to mention, with the police being part of the RP, it's just as liable tor drama as any other part of the RP. But yes, RP is filled with drama. By its very nature it is supposed to have drama. Just like books, movies, and TV shows are supposed to. If they didn't, no one would watch them. This doesn't mean that there can't be any rules. there has to be a line drawn about what is and is not acceptable in a given RP. The best stories out there work in a world that has its own set of rules and way to do things that the author had set up to work that way. Thus should a RP sim. The problem is defining the limits and enforcing them. Rarely do many in SL want to do that, or you get the one that pretty much run their whole life as being an a**hat, just waiting for a moment to jump on someone and be an RP rules nazi. But, for an RP to work, there has to be an adequate balance between rules and drama. Without it, there is no way to create a story, and there is no way to RP. At least on any level that would make for decent RP.
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