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  1. the past 5 minutes I have been trying to log into SL on firestorm and it keeps saying logging in but acts like it freezes but it is not froze it just wont let me log in is there any reason for this? if not is there a fix?
  2. ok my brother logged onto my sl account on my computer and sent a message to my sl ex his chat was bad it went against the sl tos and few days later I got a im message from someone he said he was the the sl police and he does the banning of accounts blocking of mac addy and saying that I need to pay lindens to him to prevent him from banning my account for so many days but all of my sl friends say that he is a scammer a that LL don't make anyone pay to prevent from the banning of ip from sl my question is, does that sound like he is a scammer or is he working with LL? his av name is [REMOVED]
  3. Help can not log into my secondlife account on any region when i try a pop up says can not connect to simulator?
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