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         About 4-5 days ago I opened my 'Recent' tab in my Inventory window, in which the customized filter was set for 10 days, what opened was a complete duplicate of my regular Inventory tab. 

        I tried to use search to effect a change back to normal.  My Inventory tab searched for everything 'red', Doing the same thing in my Recent tab where the duplicate inventory list was, did not cause a search, it just opened all of the folders.  I removed the search, went back to Recent, no change.

        I used the customized filter and moved the setting to up one day...nothing changed.  I've re-started SL, no change. 

       The only thing different in the regular Inventory tab vs the 'Recent' tab is at the bottom of the Inventory tab are a bunch of orange boxes (to open?) and when I looked closer, I realized they were all from my Objects folder . 

        I want to toss them all back to the 'Objects' folder, but also don't want to goof up. 

        Please, any feedback would be appreciated.  Tyvm.



  2. Yes, this exact thing happened to me on my iMac.  All you have to do is get the instructions ( I don't remember now but it's like find SL voice in sl folder   and trash 'SL voice)  Once you get rid of SL Voice (on Time-Warner connection)  you can log-in w/o any further problems.  You will have to do this every time you upgrade your SL viewer.  


    And sorry , no, you cannot use sl voice on an iMac on a Time-Warner connection.   Resign yourself to using Skype.  A lot of SL classes can and will also use Skype -  and of course it's free so a lot of SL users have both voice and Skype.  Once you tell someone in SL that you only have Skype, most will accommodate you w/ no problem -  hope this works for you .


    I don't know if it happens on PC's also as I got off Time-Warner.  Now I'm back on it using wi-fi , and I can get to 'region handshake' on the log-in blue bar -  and I get a message telling me to check my internet connection.  It's always jumping' - lol


  3. Ok - in INFO-ROLES,  the roles  I deleted are still there, several group roles have name and title, but under member column Instead of showing 1 member assigned to the role -  it shows 0 -  right across from person's name and title.    Yes I had on my Owner's tag and yes  I hit 'apply and ok when done...   I was trying to 'Create New Role',  I put person's name, title, gave abilities -  did all I know to do - - and when they ck'd  on General Tab -  Active Titles were still grayed out.  I had person leave group and deleted the role to start over... nothing worked.   No, I don't have 10 rolls  -  I have 9 and tried to delete 3 , but they're still there.  HELP pls.


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