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  1. I started doing RP before even knowing what SL is (pen and paper or just email with a small group) and i was very happy that Sl got a big community for RP as well. Please note that before SL, in small RP-groups, we all had more than one characters and we used a lot of NPCs to support each others story. Soon i learned in SL many ppl dont like that. It was very irritating to me. Sometimes i wasnt even able to understand the problem, because english is not my first language. NPCs were called cheating (even if they were niot used to be nice to my characters), Backstories were called stupid and als
  2. Maybe the Mama alpha Group will help you with the best information. That group uses a hud to simulate the menstruation cyrcle and a lot of ppl are roleplaying pregnancies and doctors apointments etc. I know some ppl useit forroleplay reasons. others use it to calm themselfs because they are pregnant in rl too.
  3. I understand what you are trying to say. AFK Places are fine with me. They are very clear any every woman knows what she is getting if she stays at such a place. No hote. BUT it was my house and my furniture. I do not have to restrict myself with the type of furniture (and a lot of time you dont have PC AND adult buy options). I wont restrict myself in sl. Its not the middle east. I have to be sure, with a man in my friendslist, of a civil country, that such things can not happen. Even if i would be sitting nacked at a bdsm toy. bdw it was a chair from "what next" very cute and none
  4. Cant argue with the designer for wanting to earn money. I m sure they would lower the price if they see ppl are not buying. I got perky and i m very happy. Even thinking about buying the original too. The hips are very differant from my maitreya body. I dont know about the designers past, to be honest. I m slow with gossip on sl. Anyway i like the ***** of perky a lot. I m in love. Sure i wish more clothes would fit, but i m sure new stuff will come up and since i wear mostly clothes that dont show cleavage a lot many of my old clothes still fit. With BOM even more is possible.
  5. I m proud of my family, my country and my race. I can still love you, if you are not part of any of that. If i get disliked for that i wont hate you for not talking to me. Only thing that is important to be is if you have a good character while talking to me, or if you are talking to be with mean words. I was called every bad name in the bood allready. do ppl think that makes me like them or thing good about them?
  6. it happens... sometimes its just litle things, nothing serious, but once... The last time was with someone i considered a friend. He made all kind of avatar looks. last tme he dressed up as a dirte fat man (one that looks like stealing children with hin van) we had a chat at my place and ended up sunbathing, each of us had a chair. I excused myself to be afk for 1 minut but as i returned he jumped my avatar and started to talk sexual, touching my avatar and stuff. I honestly was just shocked. i never did anything lie this before, but i banned him from my land, removed h
  7. Aint most ppl on sl at least the color of yummy caramell? I dont have a problem finding Places at all. (I understand that if you are very specific about what you are looking for it can be hard, but asking around can help too. If i want to find i lesbian place for only slavic ppl who like chocolet pudding for breakfast i m gonna have a hard time) And its about you if you want to bring out sex or not. PPL have allways been very understanding if i tell them i dont want to have sex or talk about it. I like to hang out at many lesbian places. But i refuse to be part of the lgbt comunity. i fee
  8. Maitreya was my first Mesh Body and i bought Legacy Perky days ago. I m honest, i had to do side by side pictures to see how its differant. Legacy had enough god things about the body to make me buy it. True, i m sad that not a lot of designers have clothes for perky, but they are coming. For some clothes i just switch back to maitreya :) In general i dont think its nice to complain about prices in sl. You dont need to buy it. its a business and i m sure legacy will lower the price if its needed (seems it is not, because they are selling good enough) In the end i m very happy
  9. it just sounds like a rl restaurant that asks you to wear formal clothes. i dont see the problem. nothing racist or silly stuff. Calling it something like that waters real bad stuff down
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