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  1. I'm impressed you got the collision bones to work. If you used the Skeleton.Female.blend rig, you're getting the custom bone properties for the collision bones, which are necessary, if you're not using Avastar. Even with Avastar and its custom bone properties, the 2.8x versions are still in beta and can have unexpected results. But your 1. scenario has worked for me too, mostly, though not if I resized the rig, which I'm gonna try. I added the HANDLE bones that are missing and cribbed the custom settings from avatar_skeleton.xml (found in viewer > Character).
  2. It also depends on what body you are putting the clothing on. If it's a mesh body, with the system body completely alpha'd, and you are copying weights from teh mesh body to your clothing, then you have a shot at getting it to fit without clipping. If you put the mesh clothing over a system body and use the Appearance sliders to adjust body parts, then it's less likely to match - the system body uses morphs to change size and attached mesh uses vertex weights. You'll usually need alpha textures on the body to hide the bits that clip.
  3. It's not cheap nor free, but it can be done fast in Marvelous Designer. Make avatars (obj works better than dae) you can import, redrape with their excellent physics engine.
  4. The SL armature was built in Maya, where the bone parameters are expressed differently than Blender. Converting the collision bones to Blender means writing custom bone properties for those bones. You can find the custom bone settings here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rigging_Fitted_Mesh - in the armatures for BaseMale and BaseFemale, all except LEFT_HANDLE and RIGHT_HANDLE - the handle values can be found in any viewer Character folder in avatar_skeleton.xml. I've been collecting this information for a few months and it's stashed at https://github.com/RuthAndRoth in the References repo. I blogged about it (adaradius.com) without actually solving it - I am no programmer. Avastar (in beta for Blender 2.8x) does it with updated custom property settings and drivers and has, as far as I know, the only Blender dae exporter for vertex weights for collision bones that works.
  5. Ada Radius

    Blender 2.82

    It took me about a week to figure out where stuff moved, and about a month for my hands to get used to 2.8x, starting last fall. I love it now, except that I'm still not used to a very different weight painting routine and I keep hitting wrong buttons that bork the whole thing. That will get better. It's much easier, now to switch between Blender and other software. Suggestions: In every mode, go through every menu choice and option, in all of the tabs in all of the editors and workspaces, try out everything on Suzanne or whatever. Make a cheatsheet until you memorize the stuff you need and where to find it. You'll be going ooo ooo that's a cool new thing, in between all the cussing.
  6. Yes, stuff goes wrong all the time while weighting and you might have to do some cleanup. There some choices. Find the setting for Clean (Sorry I'm in Blender 2.8 now and can't remember where it is in 2.79) Weights > Clean will clear out any vertices that have an assignment to that vertex group but no zero weights - you can set the threshold. Another is, in Weight Paint Mode, to go into Vertex mask mode (one of the buttons at the bottom of the 3D viewer). That will open more buttons under your vertex groups, including a Select button. You can select all the verts assigned to that group there as well as the method you discovered. Then use your Weight Paint brush on Subtract 100% to paint out the ones you don't want. Then do Weights > Clean again. Another way, (better once you get used to all your options, as it's easy to mess up), is to copy the weights from the opposite bone. There's an explanation here: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/16504/is-there-any-way-to-copy-the-weight-of-one-bone-over-to-anotherforgot-to-use-x Another way, if you don't care about your UV maps because you're going to redo them anyway, is to select the weights for both L and R bones and (Edit Mode) hit Symmetrize, then select which side copies to which. +X to -X, probably, in your case. You'll see it better after you do Weights > Clean.
  7. I love working with mesh, and was able to bring a nice little mask inworld, with low prim equivalency (texturing/UVW may take me a bit longer, lol) and at a reasonable price. It's so much easier than sculpty maps; can do more and looks better too. But Viewer 3 is so buggy it's nearly unusable. I never could get Talk (which works perfectly for me with Imprudence and Phoenix) working right. Search forced me to enable cookies and Java on my browser, then broke completely as soon as I tried to make a payment to someone not yet on my Friends list. Land transactions failed completely. And I can't import or export via xml, which I prefer to do, ironing out problems off grid, then bringing the finished av shape & layers or linked set back in, maybe tweaking inworld after testing it, then saving back to my hard drive. So I'm back in Phoenix and Imprudence, holding off on mesh until there's a better way to work, and until V3 is improved so that enough people are using it to make it worthwhile.
  8. meh. gack on production values and depressingly negative viewpoint besides. All that stuff about SL sex relationships not working out in RL, DUH, and it's been done, stop beating the dead horse already. A film needs to be done about it, yes - maybe a thoughtful treatment of new kinds of erotic and emotional experience that VR has helped create. I was really interested in new information on the IP lawsuit, appalled at the filmmaker's attitude toward it. More emphasis on the value-destroying thieves, and calling them what they are, and more on the creative process of this fine graphics artist, would have made a more interesting story. One shot of her actual day online, which has to be spent far more in graphics software than logged into SL, would have been far more plausible. I did like the Vegas segment - two people whose online friendship also finds joy iRL. Shoddy research and depiction of the use of child avatars to help adult victims of early childhood abuse. There are several reputable people working in this area in VR. Minimal research and mention of them would have been nice. And ONE positive bio, would that have been too difficult? I know dozens of people whose lives have been transformed, for the better, by virtual creative and performing arts; charitable and educational projects. BORING alert: this filmmaker is obsessed with cigarettes and unmade beds. It makes him look like a recent film grad who watched a wee bit too much noir in his sophomore year. 
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