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  1. Just now, Arwen Serpente said:

    Mine won't reactivate from the Manage listings section. It is highlighted in red and says no version folder. I don't know what that means. I am unable to log on to a viewer until the morning (on mobile atm). If I have to list this as an entirely new product then ranking is lost, and it was literally #1 seller in my store.

    So what I did is go to my Marketplace Listings in Second Life, where you physically drop the inventory in.  You'll find an unassociated folder that's empty without a subfolder where you store the product.  I had to relog for this to show up by the way.

    It's a bare folder, so you need to create a subfolder (drag/drop a notecard or something with the product name into the folder, then just delete that item).  Then you put your stuff in the subfolder with the same name, like it looks like your other listings.

    Then set that subfolder to activate.

    Then on the Marketplace website set it to Listed, and you're set.


    Hope that makes sense.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Arwen Serpente said:

    Dear Support Team/LL,

    Could someone tell us what this bug is? What's causing it? Even though you are working to restore missing items, that's only a band-aid if the core issue has not been fixed. I've been going to the stores of merchants that I frequently buy from - they have missing products (one I bought just yesterday), and I see some merchants are relisting them in an effort to not lose sales.  Should we have confidence that this bug is fixed? Or is it just, wait, watch, report missing, restore...

    I noticed it only happened to my top sellers.  I originally thought it was malicious since of this.

    I have hundreds of products for sale, but the items that got removed were all top sellers.  Also they were all linked together in Related Items (in some way) and in similar categories.  None of the popular items in other unrelated categories were touched.  This may all be just a coincidence, but there's a lot of coincidences since I sell large array of different products.

    It's very odd for a glitch.

  3. 22 minutes ago, Keira Linden said:

    Hi folks! 

    Just a reminder:  If you are seeing any Marketplace objects unlisted, be sure to contact our Support team about it.  The best method for a situation such as this is with a Support Ticket listing the objects you believe have been unlisted as well as the last time you saw them listed (if possible).  Our Marketplace Team will look into that for you and can get back to you about the situation as soon as possible.


    Keira Linden

    Supervisor, Support Operations

    I re-listed all of my items that were unlisted.  I also submitted a support ticket (191334).

    Now that I see this is a systemic issue, I'm worried that now that since I re-listed my items, I'll permanently lose my old ratings/reviews from the original unlisted items.

    Have I screwed myself trying to fix this?  Can my items be re-linked to my old listings?

    Perhaps I can add the same product once again to my Marketplace Listings window within SL and edit the Associated Listing ID to the old listing?

  4. I just got a reply from Tommy Linden on my case.  He said everything is in order and things will be back to normal now.


    If anything else bad comes up I'll let you know but SEEMINGLY the issue has been resolved now.  I hope my responses to this thread help anyone else who is freaking out right now about what's going on with their Second Life account.

  5. I contacted Linden Labs Billing via phone and they said this is a legit thing.  Basically we have to submit W9 forms with our taxes now, and its a new yearly thing the IRS is doing apparently.


    People on this thread are saying this stuff is a scam or whatever.  It's not.  I've already confirmed it's legit with Second Life Live Chat and the on-phone Billing Department.


    I submitted all the requested information they asked for and hope they finalize and close this case and everything goes back to normal.

  6. By the way the case was also opened by Tommy Linden.  I did contact LL via their live chat about it and sent the link about it.  Couldn't get anymore information about it other than "wait for it to be processed", but Live Chat didn't indicate in anyway it was fake.


    I'm self employed through Second Life and this stuff freaks me out.  It has the message "USA PATRIOT Act (Pub. L. No. 107-56, 115 Stat. 272 (2001))" at the top of my case and everything.

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