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  1. Been in and out of SL for around 12ish Years now.. as I’m coming back around it seems that this place has really changed! Looking for some new friends and things todo.. please add me, message me, drop me a N/C I’m on most days! Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  2. Add me I’m around enough lolol! Aron box
  3. Thank you so much for explaining this!
  4. I have deeded my land to group.. Once this sell's will I receive the L's or should I sell to myself and then list? Thanks In Advance.
  5. Do you sail? or take a little relaxing boat trip? What about taking a plane for a quick flight... This land is perfect for you. with 2-3 minutes by boat you are open to Blake sea. I love this land but its time I move on. This does have 1x protected channel water land. Asking 17.5k obo 2176 SQM 747 Prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twisster/23/128/22 Please IM/Notecard me for any other questions. Aron Box
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