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  1. Hey guys after i changed my keyboard layout from german to US english, the camera controls messed up. If i trying to zoom around in the usual way by pressing 'alt and left mouse' i get into object view and if i want to get in zoom option i've to press 'control alt and left mouse button'. I wonder why because there is no different how to zoom in both languages. So if i switch back to german keyboard layout in windows, i get the usual zoom back. Would be nice if someone can help me with my issue... Thanks!!! Windows language - US english Windows keyboard - US layout Viewer language - english
  2. Ich denke den Versuch es auf deutsch zu schreiben, kann man Noelle positiv anrechnen, aber solange Linden Lab keinen deutschsprachigen Mitarbeiter für solche Posts hat, sollten sie es lieber bei dem Englischen belassen.
  3. Super, dann mache ich den zweiten Schritt
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