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  1. Thank you for taking time to respond and I really don't mean to be disrespectful but your answer isn't really helpful. I have already read, re-read and experimented with all of those articles and many more before I reached out to the community for help. I thought the goal(s) of my question were pretty straightforward but you didn't propose any actual suggestions or solutions to the question itself. If someone else has some suggestions and examples for my actual question it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  2. Hello, Avatars! I am trying to create a script that will allow an avatar to hold (hide/show) an object and start and stop the holding animation by chat. Basically, The item is added and starts out transparent. A chat command would make the object visible and start an animation that would keep playing until a second command would stop the animation and make the object visible again. I reverse-engineered the hide/show and made a menu from a kit that can make a chat command when a button is pushed. Mostly I need to add the stop/start animation part. Any help would be greatly appreciate
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