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  1. When someone leaves a bad review, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your customer service skills in your reply.
  2. If you are thinking about retiring things for bodies like Maitreya and Freya, people still look for and buy those items, so it could be worth keeping them up. My alt has a marketplace clothing store that is mainly for older bodies now because I have not made anything new in ages, and it still gets sales. There is a customer base out there that hangs on to their old bodies.
  3. I'd stop working in real life, and continue to work in SL as it is a hobby for me. I'd get a full sim or two, and maybe some prime mainland.
  4. There is a shape maker on the marketplace who uses FaceApp or something to add big open-mouth smiles to all the pictures of his shapes. He sells a lot of shapes so the shape section of the marketplace is full of them. I am sure that if anyone buys those shapes they will be very disappointed with the results. Talk about false advertising.
  5. The link would not work for me either, the page loaded but it would not generate anything. Shame.
  6. Another skin related peeve - no demos. I am seeing this a bit lately. Taking a chance to pay up to 1k lindens for something that might not even look good on your avatar, no thanks.
  7. Peeve - being added to store update lists without my consent, it is one way to guarantee I never buy anything from you again. Abuse report is also a good option.
  8. Mabel head is out at Tres Chic, I had been waiting for her to be released. Special introductory price, too.
  9. I saw that Asteria has some new releases for Senra for Happy Weekend http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yakuza/27/128/3000
  10. There are chat commands now to set up BOM on Legacy, so there is no longer any need to turn media on for that.
  11. Ageism seems to be the only form of discrimination that is OK or even actively encouraged by people who would deplore the mistreatment of any other marginalised group.
  12. I know I must have some in my inventory already! But can anyone recommend some nice formal gowns for Reborn Waifu? Thanks
  13. Yes, finding this as well, it is very hard to find an EvoX skin that will work with the mouth. Other than that, very pretty head.
  14. The OP posted over 10 years ago. He has probably long since left SL.
  15. You must be aware then that these weekend events that have increased their prices for customers have also increased their entry fees for creators. I agree with everyone else, 90 or 100L is still really cheap for a lot of what is on offer in the sales. If something isn't worth that price to you, don't buy it.
  16. Zooming out while I was shopping at Deetalez, and being treated to this amazing build
  17. I think it is at the equal10 event.
  18. You contact them the same way you would if you bought in world, by IMing or sending a notecard. Maybe look at their profile for any customer service guidelines they would like you to follow. To find out the name of the person you purchased from, go to your order history or the listing itself and look for the name after "Sold by:".
  19. I love my griffin avatar, it is so gorgeous. It was very expensive though. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BRDMRT-Griffin/20411442
  20. I will follow the "humans only" rules that a lot of sims have, and not turn up in a cute animal avatar. Height rules, well my avatar is generally pretty short but it has been ages since I went to a parcel with height detection. I would skip going there rather than change my height. I have seen child-looking avatars taller than me in adult sims in any case. Why do you have full bright hair??!
  21. I can't read that, what were you thinking with that formattting?
  22. Petrichor, look at their collaborations with Ersch for clothing. And Petrichor has a lot of fantasy jewelry and accessories. Also look at Aii & Ego.
  23. Something a bit different from Cordewa for the weekend sales, for Lara X
  24. These are BOM stockings, wondering if anyone knows where they are from, or something similar. Thanks.
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