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  1. Think I've made my decision:
  2. Damnit, now I have to make up my mind lol
  3. Holly Crap! I'm trying out the AG skins, now. They have a TMP applyer, and damn, the skins look good! Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Thanks Skell, Do you have any recomendations for less muscled skin? I really like the L'Etre skin on the catwa head, but their skin is kinda crazy lol
  5. Ok, thanks. I'm trying out a catwa head, and trying different skins on it. It's a bit tricky to get the head to blend to my TMP body, so I'm checking out different mesh bodies. I'm just having trouble finding male bodies that aren't so muscular.
  6. I've been trying out a demo pack of L'Etre skins, and there is an applier for Omega Body included with the pack, along with appliers for Belleza, Gianni, and Slink. I've looked around in market place, and did an in world search, but I can't find the Omega body anywhere. All I see is a store in Marketplace that sells appliers for various vendors. Is Omega a mesh body vendor, or something else??
  7. A friend of mine keeps trying to pay me, but we are never online at the same time. Whenever I'll log on, i'll get the message "S****n (s****n.m******a) paid you L$4000." but my ballance remains the same. I tried looking around preferences to see if there was a setting to refuse payments while offline, but didn't find anything. Why am I not getting the money he's paying me? Anybody got any ideas?
  8. I got a message that a friend paid me L$4000 while I was offline, but my account balance still hasn't changed and it's been 24 hrs, so I never got the money. Has anyone else had this happen, and what should I do about it?
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