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  1. If any of these adverts were to be placed on the Second Life Mainland grid (that connect to this advertising scheme), are we able to sue Linden Labs for any and all the land that we as Second Life resident's have paid for to rid of such misery? (Or will Linden Labs keep creating new Avatars to shield them from prosecution.?) Truth is; I want my money back. I have spent many years with thieves, but none worse than what I have experienced here.
  2. Please explain Wade1 "*Deleted* (Double Post)", are you saying it is ok for LL to continue to rip off it's customers?
  3. That still does not answer my question Deltango.
  4. If any of these Adverts appear on 16 sq. m., 32 m., or 64 m. plot's (That we faught against.), are we (Second Life Resident's, Founders, Builders, and Patrons) allowed to sue Linden Labs for falsely selling us their Bogus, and Ever Expanding Virtual Land, to unsuspecting investor's/buyers into this Corporate Thievery, and Greed? (Consumer Protection Act of California?)
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