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  1. The main JIRA for this is at SH-2276. SH-2240 might not be related, as far as I can tell. I also found a thread on the NVidia forums about that error message.
  2. Thanks, Torley! I've been looking for a way to get an RSS feed of all blog posts again (like the old feedburner one), but I couldn't find one... So with the discovery of the RSS Feed for this Search link, I managed to hack up a link to an RSS feed of all blog posts. (Well, I think... I had to check the "Topics with no replies" checkbox, which I hope doesn't do anything weird for blogs.) [edit] Actually, I found someone in Answers that had a better link - http://community.secondlife.com/secondlife/rss/Category?category.id=Blogs ^^; http://community.secondlife.com/secondlife/rss/search?location=Category%3ABlogs&openresponse=true Long Version: http://community.secondlife.com/secondlife/rss/search?sort_by=-topicPostDate&location=Category%3ABlogs&advanced=true&search_type=thread&search_page_size=10&openresponse=true&filter=openResponse%2Clocation
  3. SSL can break if your computer's time and date are set incorrectly. (Though in that case, it usually ends up that everything that uses SSL breaks, but you might want to check it anyway.)
  4. I know you already know about this one, Torley, but I doubt it's common knowledge: Type "/0" without quotes before typing a local chat message in order to suppress the typing sound just for that message (and the "/0" will disappear when you send it). Just a "/" also works, but then the slash will appear in your chat message.
  5. A new idea I just had: How about keeping a recent history of display names used? There could be several applications: As a list in the profile - it could potentially get clumsy to navigate, but a small L$ fee would probably keep the list wieldy. Enable the viewer to show something like "Joe Doe (aka John Doe)" for people that have recently changed their display name - could be helpful socially, and also another hoop to jump through for any impersonators. If someone switches between a bunch of names often, you'd have the option of not charging for going back to a name that the user's already been using recently (making the feature useful for that case, again) reorganize into bullets
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