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  1. Your anger is extremely misdirected. You want so badly to blame the landowner when they have nothing to do with it. Especially in light of your lack of detail in regard to why the land was reclaimed, it sounds like you are likely the one to blame for the items needing to be returned by landowner in the first place.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me the self entitled attitude people have when its they who made the mistake. it is not the landowner who didnt return your items, its the computer program that is Second Life, All the land owner can do is click 'return obkects owned by others' on the About Land. Itis the Second Life program that is responsible for the items finding their way backto you. Try sueing Linden Labs. The cost to file the suit is more than your items are worth. If the landlord repossed the land for non payment, did you pay them what you owed for back rent? If not, how come? They kept their end of the agreement when it seems you didn't keep your end. I think they would have the stronger case. Do you REALLY think a land owner would/should/is going to leave someones items on a parcel waiting for them to be picked up? Many people just leave SL and never return. It's standard operating procedure to hit 'return' when tkaing back land. There is no 'knowingly causing loss'. If you defaulted on the agreement, then they need to rerent that parcel and recover some of thelosses that YOU caused them. If you couldnt keep up on your rent to the point that the land was reclaimed, thats your fault for not removing the items yourself intime, as is any losses resulting.
  3. I thought the sim tier announcement was enough bad news for one week, now this... "Starting on Wednesday, October 13th, we will simplify and reduce the types of cases that Basic Residents can file" I read this as 'Don't expect help from us unless you go premium". Quite frankly I dont even see the benefits of premium or concierge support anymore. What was once stellar support is now so shamefully poor, I dont think I have words to describe it. Even as a concoerge level member, I have tickets listed as 'New' that are FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!! What business could ever expect to be successful with that kind of customer care? So much for the excitment of Philip being back. Its bad business as usual. I am so sad.
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