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  1. SnowWomen too - absolutely! Anything that is within the TOS and community guides would work. The exception being, we will adapt a rule from last year's event that we will not allow installments depicting children.
  2. Zindra Alliance is happy to pre-announce the Naughty Snowman 2011 event. The outline for the event is a distributed version of last year's Naughty Snowman organized as a competition and hunt happening on the land of Zindra residents. The highlights are: Zindra residents, land and business owners can register for the competion and hunt where their installment can compete in two categories; Mesh and Traditional prims in combination with Sculpts. A hunt / voting will then be organized running over 2-3 weeks where residents from all over the grid can visit the installments, vote for best entry in the two categories, and hunt for a gift at each location.To register an installment you need to be a member of the Zindra Alliance group, but the land / business owner can join forces with anyone on the grid to create the installment for the competition. The purpose of the event is to have fun, generate traffic for Zindra businesses, build community and strengthen the general image of "Destination Zindra".The event will tentatively run from Thanksgiving up till Christmas.Zindra Alliance is an open enrollment community group for the Zindra continent sims, so every land, business owner or resident on the Zindra continent will have an opportunity to register for the competition/ hunt. We are looking for folks who want to contibute to organizing the event. Specifically we are looking for a voting system champion, seasoned hunt organizers and staff to coordinate enrollment. We look forward to keeping you all updated as this naughty event in the snow unfolds.
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