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  1. Crashes on startup. Seeing Torleys video, I'm a little concerned about the lack of space 'classifieds' occupies. This is the one area of search that cannot be gamed. If your products are good, you sell more, and you can afford more classified fees. The amount of real estate the new search gives to classifieds is simply not worth the money - where (for example) is the description and picture for the classifieds? Please add a classifieds tab to the SIDE of the search with the other tabs, then people can decide whether they want to use that tab (as the most reliable indicator of quality) to search for products.
  2. From these posts, one thing is clear. Whether SL is a game or not depends entirely on your viewpoint. For me, i work 50+ hours a week in SL producing products, supporting customers, and running a store. For me, SL is not a game. For several people on my friends list, who log on everyday to shop, go to clubs, and generally relax in their free time, SL is considerably closer to a game. It is, therefore what you make of it. For me it is my business. For others it surely is a game.
  3. I've watched the comments on this blog with interest over the last few days, and although tempted, have so far refrained from passng comment. That was until Cathy's post. I'm sorry Cathy, but I fail to see any reason why SL should aspire to be like IMVU. To do so would be like the internet trying to emulate Ceefax. IMVU is inferior in every way to SL, except for one - accessability. You yourself have been able to work out its finer points in a very short time. SL suffers because of its complexity. The answer in my opinion is not to dumb down SL. Instead we should have 2 viewers: one for free accounts that allows basic sl functions and inventory; and one for premium account users (creators), that has all the functionality of the current viewers. This approach gives an IMVUesq experience to new users and the shopping masses, provides the necessary functionality only to those that need it, and provides a viable income for LL. To suggest banning inworld shopping is (forgive me) such a ridiculous suggestion, it barely warrants commenting on. SL IS in-world. Everything about SL should BE in-world, and to suggest moving any component of it-especially the largest component- flies in the face of everything SL stands for.
  4. I've just downloaded the new phoenix-firestorm viewer based on the linden viewer 2.4. To my knowledge, phoenix team have been working on this viewer for only a couple of months (a year less than Linden Labs) and it already blows lindens version out of the water. brief overview here: (http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixViewerSL). These guys are all volunteers and have little or no budget, yet have managed to create a very respectable working viewer in a fraction of the time you lindens took to screw up yours. How? THEY LISTENED TO WHAT PEOPLE WANTED Interestingly Phoenix now also has a partnership with rival world SpotOn3D. A world with very viable business model. I really hope this grid takes off and consigns SL to history. You facebook-loving, backwards-looking, customer-unfocused lot deserve nothing less.
  5. After 4 years, I'm just about sick to the back teeth of being polite and patient on these blog posts. Are you idiots running a 3D world or not? WHY, in the name of god, WHY, would you want to move profiles out of the 3D world you created, into the 2D world of the web? Here's an idea. Lets move everyones 3d shops onto the 2d web as well.. Oh, you've done that already with the cocked up in-world search and the big push on the new market place. What next? Replace IM's with msn messenger? In world voice? Whats the point when people can just use their telephones? I know.. lets just close all the sims and people can run their Second Life on Arsebook and Twitter. You utterly ridiculous, backward thinking lot are the laughing stock of the entire tech community.
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