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  1. I too just received such a notice. My credit requests (3 in a year) have been well under their legal threshold. The level of personal information required is disturbing and extensive. It is not clear what it means to be place "on hold" if I do not comply. I have requested clarification of my options and hope to hear back shortly. I also do not know what they are using the information for. If it is tax related I need to understand that as I am not an Employee of LL nor am I a contractor (people that normally provide personal identification in the form of passport or drivers license. Onc
  2. This was very helpful. I also became a clothing creator after Temp Textures was a feature. I have to check a piece many times before it is final...All of those uploads of mistakes pile up and it becomes quite expensive so your help on the work-around is great - and very sueful too! Thanks soo much.
  3. Monroe Snook

    V3 DOF

    V3 DOF effect is on the screen until I snapshot then that image has no DOF and DOF not saved.  running Nivida 9800+ and updated drivers to GL3. What now? DOF does work wtih Kristen viewer
  4. I am having same dof propblems not transfering to HD from the viewer during a snapshot I tried contol+snapshot - nothing and control + plus sign. and what it looks like you are suggesting cnto + ' sign while snapping and by its self. I can't get it to work. On the nvew 3V viewer just downloaded - not beta. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I am trying to save a pic to HD and retain the DOF treatment. but the DOF is not there when I save. Using LL 2 Viewer latest version.
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