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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I ended up leaving the sim I was on an tried to upload an uploaded within seconds. Guessing the sim I was on was lagged out. But I will keep that in mind when all else fails in the future =)
  2. thanks for your reply sorta figured the nvidia would be the better choice usually is when it comes to SL but as long as the first video card will work, I think I will go with that one instead its saving me an extra 100-150 USD$.. as long as I can run mid settings without lagging at a serious rate im fine not having top of the line. thanks again much appreciated
  3. I hope I'am posting in the right place if not I apologize an hope someone can direct me into the right place. I'm looking into buying a new laptop (yes I know laptops don't run as good as desktops on secondlife) so im told often. I also heard ATI cards aren't the best for SL either. But Im looking at 2 options for a laptop my only concerns are the video cards. I know for sure the rest of the specs exceed the min. requirements to run SL. the 2 video cards are AMD Radeon™ HD 6470M (64-bit) 512MB (Dual) and the other is NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M 1GB graphics with Optimus Im pretty sure I know my answer to that question. But I want to know if the first video card will at least run SL on Mid settings, I never go past mid settings even on my desktop. Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
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