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  1. SLRDA Roller Derby Presents: The Anti-Valentines Day Bash!!! The day after Valentine's day.... your date stood you up.... your date was a pig.... you got a stupid Valentine's day gift or nothing at all... or you just hate this wretched romance holiday. Yet another reason to be glad you love SLRDA!!! Come party with us!!! The Penalty BoxXx @ Derby Town February 15th from 6 to 8 pm slt (or until we pass out???) ANTI-VALENTINE'S PARTY @ The Penalty BoxXx with DJ MD All proceeds & tips being donated raised will be used for the new SLRDA skate hud 3.0!!! Plus at this very special event, a VERY special fund raising offer: "Photographer and Graphic Artist Darzian Silverfall" will be there with a photo booth to snap ya pics with all the Derby Girls! Join the SLRDA (Second Life Roller Derby Association) group d26b4e86-f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad
  2. Poison Ivy Recruitment Derby Night Tonight @ 7p SLT! Join us for all the fun!!! SLRDA's Poison Ivy Roller Derby Recruitment Eventmore info on our Facebook or check out our Tumblr or join our group inworld SLRDA Roller Derby secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c5 2eaa1118ad/about
  3. All teams are now accepting skaters! Poison Ivy, Psch0 Riot Bi+ches, Harlots of Anarchy, DV8, cStar and Mad Hell Razors are all holding tryouts for the upcoming season. Stop into SLRDA Head Quarters and fill out an app today! Or IM MizDeMeanor Morpork (or any SLRDA rep.) for more info! also follow us on Facebook!
  4. Hello! You are invited to the recruitment party for the cStar Angels of No Mercy! Sunday January 22nd, 1-5 pm slt with DJ Seddy playing all 80's flashback ear candy :) Thats right...the cStar hotties are hosting a recruitment night...With SLRDA's own Seddy mixing some flashback tunes of the 1980's!!! Interested in joining a SLRDA team or just want more info...then come on down tonight. cStar Girls will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. cStar Angels of No Mercy Recruitment Party or join the Second Life Roller Derby Association groups @ secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86-f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad/about to keep up with all the current SLRDA events.
  5. The warehouse district is great.It has everything but people..lol. Its an amazing build, great potential for rp.Just not a lot of people there. Sorry I know it doesn't help, but it seems like all the good rp is being drained from sl by "pay-for-it" sexual encounters, voicers and various other things. Im a para rp'er as well and its harder now to find places that are visually pleasing, with avatars that are well put together and...*gasp* know how to rp and don't charge a fee. Every place I find is infested with sex for sale, pose balls and malls. If you find the elusive place we speak of.Let me know. Some of us old schoolers are tired of wading in the muck. = )
  6. you forgot the the best sl sport of all!!! SL Roller Derby! Its a hud based sport in SL that teams play against each other! its really the most amazing sport ive found in SL. We're currently recruiting new players for the upcoming season. you should check it out. Second Life Roller Derby Assosiation (SLRDA) Just finished the '11 season with an amazing Championship Bout. (congrats DV8) We're still holding off-season bout, and teams are holding try outs. Stop by SLRDA headquarters for more info or IM me in world and i can get you any info you need. =) SL Roller Derby is really the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on!
  7. What's Roller Derby in Second Life you ask? SL Roller Derby is a face paced, HUD based game that's sweeping SL by storm. Its hip checking, hot chicks and roller skates! In short, its the most fun you can have in Second Life with your clothes on! Currently SLRDA is between seasons, having just finished the '11 Championship Bout (congrats DV8 on your win.) And teams are holding active try-outs for the up coming season! Stop by the SLRDA headquarters and pick up an app. SL Roller Derby is about empowering woman in the competitive arena and having fun. Think you have what it takes to be a skater? Try out for a team today! Not sure if you have the time to commit to being a skater, or just want to be a part of the SLRDA family? Try your hand at Ref'ing. Us Derby Girls love our SLRDA Ref's! So what's stopping you? Come out to SLRDA HeadQuarters. And fill out an application. Join the SLRDA group to be informed of up coming bouts, games or to just keep in touch with your favorite girls of SL Roller Derby. (secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad/about) ppssttt...<<<---group joiner! And as always, if you have any questions about Roller Derby.Contact me in-world! =) MizDeMeanor Morpork Team: Psych0 Riot Bitches Position: Blocker Derby Name: Lustin Pain # 420 <-- That's me! <-- My Team! <-Game Day <--sleeping on the track! <-- Love my Bitches!
  8. Tonight 6pm slt Second Life Roller Derby Association Presents... The Elves vs The Reindeer Mash Up. Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Highlands/192/192/24
  9. At That's Right.The Christmas spirit has hit the girls of SLRDA! Its the Elves vs.. The Reindeer in this holiday exhibition bout to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. Come out and support your favorite Derby Girls as they hip check their way into the holiday season! When: Sunday December 18th Time: 6 pm SLT Where: Location TBA, Please Join The SLRDA Roller Derby Group for up to the minute venue info (secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86-f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad/about)
  10. With under 16 hours until the Second Life Roller Derby Associations '11 Championship Bout, The Girls of SLRDA are getting restless. The +DV8+ Dreadnoughts take on the undefeated Psych0 Riot Bitches in what is playing out to be the grudge match of the year. Though both teams bring exceptional skill there can only be one team standing at the end of this bout. Will it be DV8 with their killer hip checks...Or the jamming skill of The Psych0 Riot Bitches that brings home the season trophy? Either way its going to be nail bitingly tense. This is the game not to miss. So come cheer on your favorite ladies of Second Life Roller Derby Association as they bring the close to the '11 season in true derby fashion. With the best of the best, bruising each other until only one team stands! vs.. *not responsible for bruising, blood stains & and wildly addictive fun! When: Sunday, December 11th @ 4 Pm SLT Where: Location TBA, Please Join The SLRDA Roller Derby Group for up to the minute venue info. (secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86-f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad/about)
  11. That's right folks..The SLRDA Championship Roller Derby Bout is almost here, and the hotties of SLRDA are lacing up their skates in what is playing out to be an epic battle. The fierce ladies of +DV8+ Dreadnoughts are ready to take on the undefeated lovely ladies of The Psych0 Riot Bitches. There can only be one team standing at the end of this bout, so come cheer on your favorite ladies of Second Life Roller Derby as they bring the close to the '11 season. vs.. This is not the one to miss! When: Sunday, December 11th @ 4pm SLT Where: Location TBA, Please Join The SLRDA Roller Derby Group for up to the minute venue info (secondlife:///app/group/d26b4e86-f6b1-2a61-1f2c-c52eaa1118ad/about) *not responsible for bruising, blood stains, and wildly addictive fun!
  12. Some places are favorites for the visual surroundings, some for the experience that comes from visiting and interacting at. Mine combines both. My Personal favorite place in SL would have to be Second Life Roller Derby Association's own Psych0 Riot Bitches Home Rink With its custom prison theme design, its not only fun to skate at...its also fun to visit. So whether you're an aspiring Derby Girl or just a curious fan; stop by SLRDA's top ranked Roller Derby Teams' home. You might just be lucky enough to catch the Bitches swearing at each other during practice. I love it so much I sleep here. <3 my SLRDA Derby Girls!!!
  13. It is! You should come check it out sometime. The 2011 championship is Dec. 11 @ 4pm SLT. We'd love to see ya there! -Miz see we love it so much we sleep on the track!
  14. Like most people, I spent a lot of time wandering around SL looking for my place. Ive made some good friends here, but still there lacked that sense of "community" that so many are looking for. I was lucky enough to happen across Second Life Roller Derby. Roller Derby in SL is a face paced, hud based sport where teams compete against each other. Psych0 Starship, creator of Second Life Roller Derby Association (SLRDA) has brought the RL action of Womens Roller Derby to SL. But what he has also done is create a community. The Derby Girls of SLRDA come from all walks of life and experience levels. So if you're looking for a strong community come and check out SLRDA. Recruiting is currently underway for the upcoming 2012 season. Applications can be found in the SLRDA Headquarts We're a nutty bunch but its really the most fun! xxxMizzy
  15. Like most of you, i've tried my hand at just about all aspects of what SL has to offer; gaming included. The one sport i have found to stand out from the others is Roller Derby in SL. Psych0 Starship, owner and creator of Second Life Roller Derby (SLRDA) has brought the RL action of Roller Derby to the virtual world. This fast paced, hud based sport puts you right in the action. Whether its hip-checking an opponent, or running plays with your team during a bout; SLRDA offers SL residents the opportunity to engage in this live-action virtual sport. Roller Derby is open to all skill levels in SL and teams as currently filling rosters for the 2012 season. If you think you have what it takes to be a SLRDA Derby Girl, drop by the SLRDA Headquarters and pick up an application. If you'd like to view a Psych0 Riot Bitch practice, IM MizDeMeanor Morpork, Heaven Evensong, Darling Scribe or Throb Zombie to set up a time. Also, the 2011 SLRDA Chamionships are almost here!!! Come out and support your favorite SLRDA Derby Girls, if you're lucky you might get a complementary hip-check! {not responsible for bruising, addiction and insane fun!..well ok yeah, we're responsible for that...but we just love it so much!}
  16. Hi Sean.. Well i've posted a few times here about sports in SL. The best one ive found to far is Roller Derby. Its a hud based, live action sport thats just amazing. We're currently ending the 2011 season with the Championships coming in a few days. (Dec. 11th 6pm slt.) you should come and check it out. Second Life Roller Derby Association (SLRDA) are currently recruiting for the upcoming 2012 season. stop by SLRDA Headquarts and pick up an application. Better yet, come to a team practice! you can IM me inworld if you'd like to stop by Riot Bitch practice!
  17. Well just to let you know, tryouts for the upcoming Psych0 Riot Bitch Season will be happening soon. You all should come out and see if you have what it takes to be a Riot Bitch! Im me, Psycho Starship, Darling Scribe or Heaven Evensong in-world for more information or to visit a practice. Also you can visit (SLRDA Headquarters) in-world and pick up an application. And remember..Derby Girls hug with their hips!!! --MizDeMeanor Morpork, Psych0 Riot Bitches Blocker/Pivot. Derby Name: Lustin Pain #420
  18. SLRDA (Second Life Roller Derby Association) presents...Pilgrims vs. Indians Exibition Derby Bout! Thats right..its the selacious girls of SLRDA fighting it out on the track. Come cheer on your favorite derby girls in bonnets and feathers. Time: 5pm SLT Place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lasombra/26/182/24 Why: Because chicks on wheels is just cool! Like what you see there, join a team..become a ref..SLRDA is always looking for a few good avatars for this amazing hud based live action game. See you there! =)
  19. It is pretty awesome! im with you, its something i wanted to do in RL that physically i cannot. Playing in SL has been incredible. This is SLRDA's first year and its been rocky, but the ladies that play derby here have such a passion for it. if you're interested please..hit my naughty box. We'd love to get as many people into this as possible, skaters..refs..owners..fans.. there is a place in SL derby for everyone. take care, and hope to see you on the track sometime. =) MizDeMeanor Morpork
  20. Wondering what to do now that you've tried it all in sl? How about strapping on some skates and joining the ladies of SLRDA (second life roller derby association). Like many hud based sports in SL, this interactive high intensity sport is hip-checking its way through the SL community. The current season is underway with the championship looming. Teams are always looking for ladies to add their rosters, and currently there is an international team forming to accomadate for various time zones. So if you're looking to get involved in a community that fosters a sense of team ethics and lots of fun, check out SLRDA. We're always looking for a few good women! **Cant skate? there are many off track positions in SLRDA that you could also fill. Announcers, Refs, Team Owners etc..check us out and see where you fit. 
  21. Skating in SL? Hell yeah! If you're talking about roller skating you should check out SLRDA (second Life Roller Derby Association). Its the toughest chicks on skates that look good doing it. there are many teams and currently an Euro team is also forming. We're always looking for a few good women.
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