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  1. Neither the Regular SL viewer nor the Beta will install via the installer and only when i completely uninstalled the regular SL viewer and installed from the website did it install so that i am using the latest version... However i have a new graphics issue that is driving me buggy... no matter what my settings i have flashes of texture every few seconds. Whether it's my hair or the sign i'm looking at or a candle or a field of nothingness.. a pompom shape of the textures i am viewing flash wildly across my view bright ... big... and annoying! I have an up to date graphics card that can more than handle SL and all of my drivers are up to date. Hoping this is a bug that will be resolved shortly? Please? I'm mildly epileptic and the flashes aren't something i can watch for long. Thank you! P.s. on a just mildly irksome note no matter what i do i can't update the shortcuts for starting to match my current tilebar favorites assuming that's a glitch?
  2. The Start at your favorites bar has been one of my favorite new features BUT as my favorites bar has changed my start locations haven't... i have tried clearing cache and setting in and out of basic mode back to advanced and even taken the feature off and put it back all to no avail... Help me get my favorite feature back?
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