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  1. when are we going to see improvements to the Avatars frame in the form of toe's we have fingers, Why not toe's wasn't thought impotant or what Avatars feet are ugly at present and surely is is a wire frame ajustmemt to accodate the toes and maybe a change in the templests, yours Yummy Fairlady.

    <script id="overlay_tmpl" type="text/html">// <div id="<%= overlayId %>" class="_mp3rocket_overlay_style" style="left: <%= overlayLeft %>; top: <%= overlayTop %>; width: <%= overlayWidth %>; height: <%= overlayHeight %>"></div> // </script>
  2. I am Somewhat Shocked By Lyle's statement to be quite frank and Saddened, I'm a Bloodlines Queen and a good many Bloodlines Royals do not Like the first bite without a hud, Bloodlines Vampires have Evolved from it's first conception, in 2005.

       Many of us Hate Random Bitters, that go around Random biting SL residents, we would much prefer those to want to be a Blood Doll, Vampire, Lycan, We are about Family, not about running around rampantly Biting wily Nilly, that may have been the way in Bloodlines conception in 2005, But for the Most part not anymore.

      We Would Much Prefer Lyle & Mars to Remove First Bite without a Hud


    Yours Bloodline Queen Yummy Fairlady

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