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  1. . After 45 consecutive days as a premium member, do you get a one-time L$1000 bonus coz i dont seam to have recived it and i been a member way past 45 days
  2. how come i get charged for premium for both my alts and only get one payment of 300ls
  3. cant it wont let me i used to always buy them like this now it wont tryed inworld to still cant is it because am in uk ??? i heard lindons as done something to how u buy them i just dont know how or where to get ls
  4. :womansad: i have been trying for hours to buy lindons is it down again please help my land rent is due is there anywhere i can go to get ls then here ((
  5. helppppppppppppppppppppp please i sent my friend 1800 ls and she not got it i got this message just after i sent her it [05:22] An internal error prevented us from properly updating your viewer. The L$ balance or parcel holdings displayed in your viewer may not reflect your actual balance on the servers. [05:22] You paid (unknown) L$1800. --||-
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