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  1. Something becomes browser specific under a couple of circumstances. One is compliance with industry standards. that is something thats been a consideratoin with IE for many a year. Otherwise it can depend on the version one uses as well. An old version of IE wont have the same functionality as an updated version, and many have kept older versions due to lack of perceived need. That can lead to new features not functioning as expected or not at all depending on the issue at hand.
  2. HI, Just tested it In Firefox and it worked just fine for me, so perhaps its a browser version specific issue. Just to be sure though, and in no way trying to be disrespectful let me list my steps to make sure your's were the same. 1. Clicked "my favorites" to view the proper window from the "my marketplace" panel in the upper left of the browser window. 2. Placed a check mark by clicking in the each desired items title bar check box. 3. Clicked the "Remove Marked" button. Then clicking again the myfavorites link in the my marketplace panel. It had refreshed properly and the items had been removed. Tested it also in IE where it displayed the behavior your experiencing. Not sure what effect it might have on a newer version of IE though since mine is rather old. I think 7. But again, cleaned it up just fine in Firefox.
  3. If you follow the instructions as given, only that single prim will be unlinked from the object. the rest of the object remains linked..If you then wanted to relink the prim to the object. you would simply right click it.. choose edit.. then hold the shift key and click the main object. you will see both items highlighted then if you have done it properly.. Then press CTRL+L to re-link or from the tools menu choose link. To preserve the object name make sure you click the seperated prim first then the main object. If you reverse it the entire object takes on the name of the seperated prim.
  4. Hi again, I think the first thing for you to look at is the system requirments page located here: http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US From what I see there it may actually be a case of the card not meeting the requirements of Second lIfe. It may still be possible to get sl to run with your system, at least on a limited basis, with the latest drivers for your system. Unfortunately with all the possible variations in hardware/ drivers etc. it would be irresponsible for me to take on walking you through the process.
  5. Hi Franny, Ive seen this a couple of times when the version of the graphics driver is one that is installed with windows and not the manufacturers driver. Try to locate and install the drivers from Ati for your specific card and that should resolve the issue for you. From what Ive seen its not that the driver is "bad" but just doesnt have all the features enabled for use with Second life. Hope that helps.
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